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Samsung delivers firmware update for SSD slowdowns

Samsung, which is a world renowned electronics maker and a company offering affordable solid-state drives, is now in news for its SSDs which are facing read slowdowns with older data. Samsung 840 EVO series drives are the company’s second generation 3-bit Multi-Level-cell SSDs which are under scrutiny on this issue. These model drives are experiencing read slowdowns, for which the company has released a firmware update and installation guide.

Samsung said in a press statement that the read problem occurred on its 2.5 inches 840 EVO SSDs and 840 EVO mSATA Solid-State Drives because of an error in the flash management software algorithm.

The company suggested that the performance slowdown is occurring on reading data which has been stored for long period of time (more than one month) and that has been written only once.

Generally, SSDs usually calibrate changes in status of cells over time via the flash management software algorithm. Due to the error in the software algorithm, the 840 EVO performed read-entry processes aggressively, resulting in a drop in overall read performance. Samsung confirmed that this problem is confined only to data which has been re-written or changed and there are no problems with reduced read performance if the data was subsequently migrated from those cells or overwritten.

In other words, the electronic giant wanted to openly confess that as the user utilizes the SSD more, the performance-degrade disappears naturally. But for those who want to solve this issue, within no time; Samsung is providing them with a software restore by delivering the read performance with the rewrite of old data. The time taken to complete the procedure depends on the amount of data stored.

When Samsung released 840 EVO SSD, it claimed that the drive is 33% faster than previous generation non-EVO 840 SSDs. The company infact officially released that faster clock speed translated into a 27% increase in the number of I/O operations per second.

Users, however, began complaining about major performance slowdown, especially with data older than a month. Many technical forums started to get a flood of complaints from 840 EVO users on this issue.

For this reason, Samsung chose to react and released an update for the users who were using the said drives with performance-degrade problems.

The software upgrade is available in the following link which leads to the official company website

Google to introduce online gaming portal!

Google the world renowned web services provider is all set to come up with an online gaming services portal by early next year. The company was planning to introduce this gaming portal for Christmas 2014. But for some reason, the company postponed its plan to early next year.

Now, for those who think that what does this gaming portal offer exceptionally to its users, here’s an answer to your query.

Google wants to step-up a bit from other online gaming portals on this note. Its team of dedicated engineers is planning to give a new dimension to gamers with their new online gaming services. The company wants to enrich the experience of its gamers with some delightful gaming content. How and what it is going to offer is kept under wraps. But as per our sources, the company wants to focus on 3D gaming zone in the initial phase.

Additionally, the company is planning to award heavily, all those gamers who win on its platform with gift coupons. All those gamers who win will get Gift cards, which they can use on few online shopping portals like Amazon. The company is also planning to introduce some games in Casino format. That means, they can bet money and win 50% or 100% more than their investment. But this service tab will only be available to only those gaming portal users who have achieved the most on its platform in a span of first 3 or 6 months.

Google has plans to pay the winners of its casino format section through electronic money transfer. But the transactions will be made as per the prevailing financial laws in United States.

As per our sources, Google plans to introduce this gaming service to its users residing in United States and Canada initially. By mid 2015, it has plans to extend this service to United Kingdom and Australia.

More details are awaited!

Microsoft fastens its layoffs spree to eliminate 18,000 job positions

Microsoft announced in July that it would get rid of 14% of its employee head count by the end of this fiscal year. But the company seems to have finished its job a bit early on this note. As per the latest reports, the software giant has handed over pink slips in a third round of job cuts that almost concludes its plan to eliminate 18,000 job positions.

In June 2014, Microsoft released a media statement saying that it would let go some of its employees over the course of its current fiscal year, which ends in June 2015. It added that it will not layoff its employees in a single step and is instead planning to drag the layoff in multiple segments the whole fiscal year.

Some critics (mostly the company’s former employees) termed this approach, unwise, saying it would prolong uncertainness among employees, drag down staff morale and will surely impact their productivity. May be Microsoft must have taken this advice or concern of its critics into account and so has decided to get the layoffs over its sooner rather than later.

In the first wave of its layoff spree, Microsoft dismissed around 13000 employees in July, and cut another 2100 in September this year. As per the latest reports, it will lay off 2900 by the end of next month.

Among those who lost their jobs, most of them belonged to the Nokia devices segment which is now a part of Microsoft, after the latter paid more than $7 billion in a deal that closed in April this year.

Some reliable news sources including CNN revealed that the acquisition of Nokia did not work out well to Microsoft in profits segment. The company was in plans to create a wave of Nokia touch phones loaded with Windows 8 in the smart phones market. But nothing worked in its favor, as Android has already taken over the market to such an extent that people started to ignore the Nokia phones loaded with Windows 8.

Moreover, Windows 8 operating system is termed as jinxed in the computing market. Therefore, this influenced and worked against the progress of Windows 8 Nokia Phones in Smart Phones market and as a result, Microsoft had to face severe losses.

So, Microsoft’s plans to temper the company in-line with Apple failed miserably on this front.

It is reported by a reliable source that Microsoft wanted to get rid of Nokia in September 2014 by selling it off to an Australian based firm in a secret way. But that did not work in favor of Microsoft, as Nokia’s jinx is spread to every corner of the world now.

Thus, the company’s CEO Satya Nadella has asked his business development team to somehow give a new lease of life to Nokia in smart phones market. The first thought of the team was to change the name of Nokia and re-release the smart phones with loaded Windows 8 into the market. The company head is giving a thought on this plan and very soon will take a wise decision on this note.

Get a 22-inches ViewSonic Monitor for just $100 on ‘On Sale Guru’

Yes, you have seen it right! You can get a 22-inches elegantly styled, fast widescreen ViewSonic monitor for just $100. This widescreen used LCD is available for the said price on It can be used as a high end desktop display, which can be set for intense gaming, movies and entertainment with fast 5 microseconds video response.

With a Dynamic Structure Technology and an ultra high 700:1 contrast ratio, this used display screen can display images in amazingly, crystal clear detail with no blurs and ghosting. To grab this LCD for the said price, please log-on to ‘OnSaleGuru’ and fill in your details, to get in direct contact with the seller.

There is no processing fee or hidden charges to use this platform for purchase. You can just sell or buy your used goods on this platform for free. And the highlight is that this online selling platform not only restricts itself to electronic goods, you can sell or purchase furniture, medical equipment, Laptops, PCs, Projectors, workstations, hard disk drives and so on.

‘On Sale Guru’ allows the seller to post in an intro video of their product, which no other online selling platform does. So, the seller needs to just furnish some contact details and start using the platform. He/she can make a video of the product they are willing to sell and post it on the platform after becoming registered users. The registration is free and can be availed in just a few minutes. After posting the video, a buying prospect can get in direct contact with the seller. They can just call them and make a deal. They are no middlemen and hidden costs in this process.

You can sell anything and everything on this platform for free which works in a similar way to that of EBay. This online selling platform facilitates buying and selling of products related to verticals like electronics, crafts, antiques, baby related stuff, cars& trucks, Books& Magazines, Cell phones, clothing & accessories, toys, beauty related products and so on…..

So, what are you waiting for? Login to and start using its services ASAP.

Some facts about E-Waste Recycling and the way you can ‘Earn’ from it!

E-Waste aka Electronic Waste is a name given to electronics products which are nearing or have neared the end of their useful life. That means, they cannot be used anymore and have to be disposed. Televisions, computer monitors, laptop, VCRs, printers, fax machines, copiers and all computer peripherals can be treated as e-waste, when they near their end of life.

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, most electronic devices contain a variety of materials, which includes metals that can be recovered. Therefore, recovering and recycling these products makes sense, because it limits the amount of new materials that have to be mined and thus helps in protecting earth’s resources which are now becoming limited for future generations.

At the same time, most electronic components contain hazardous material which cannot be land filled. In other words, we can add that some electronic components are made up with hazardous materials. For instances, the picture tube in computer monitors and Television sets is made up of leaded glass, which protects users from harmful rays. However, the same leaded tube is hazardous waste and must be disposed of properly to eliminate the possibility of contaminating the environment or posing a biological hazard to humans and wildlife.

  • It is estimated that 80% to 85% of electronic products were discarded in landfills or incinerators, which can release certain toxics into the air.
  • E-Waste represents 4% of America’s trash in landfills, but it equals 80% of overall toxic waste. The extreme amount of lead in electronics alone causes damages in the central and peripheral nervous systems, the blood and the kidneys.
  • It is estimated that every year 40 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide.
  • Cell phones and other electronic items contain high amounts of precious metals like gold and silver. So, if this figure is taken into account, Americans dump phones containing over $60 million in gold/silver every year.
  • Astonishingly, it is estimated by United States Environmental Protection Agency that only 13.5% of e-waste is currently being recycled.
  • It is estimated that for every 1 million cell phones that are recycled 35,274lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, and 33lbs of palladium can be recovered.
  • Recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3657 US homes in a year.
  • According EPA, Ewaste is still the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America.
  • It takes 539 lbs of fossil fuel, 48lbs of chemicals, and 1600 liters of water to manufacture one computer and a monitor.

So, for those who are interested in discarding their e-waste in a responsible way, here’s a company which can do it for you.

DNF Recycling, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is an electronic recycling and asset management company which helps in disposing your old equipment. It acts as a one-stop solution in recycling your old equipment through a hassle free 5 step process.

  1. DNF will arrange for pickup and transportation of the equipment to their office premises. Typically there is no fee associated with the pickup and removal of equipment. However, the distance of travel is currently limited to the state of California. If travelling is required outside of California, please call in advance at 510.342.5884 and ask for details.
  2. After picking up and transporting the discarded electronic equipment to their facility, a detailed inventor and assessment of the equipment is done and a report is generated and is provided to the related customer at no cost.
  3. Then each unit will carefully disassembled and parts will be sorted based upon their recyclable properties and whether or not they contain hazardous properties. This process is performed with full compliance from EPA and clients.
  4. If the client provides hard disks and want the disposing process to be done in a responsible way, then DNF will erase the data from the drives using one of the three methods. The first method will be to write 0s and 1s to the drive which permanently erases traces of any data. The second method is drilling holes into the hard drive platters in such a manner that prevents further access to the platters. The third method involves sanding the platters using an industrial sandler. This is the most proven method to get the data out of the drives. All this is done for a nominal fee.
  5. The main highlight is that, DNF Recycling offers to its customers a credit for buying new components or electronics. However, the credit will depend on many factors lined-up in parallel with the benchmarks of DNF.

To know more details on what your e-waste can earn for you call 510.962.5012 or click on DNF Recycling web page.

What to look for in a data center backup generator?

Data Center is where all those lightning fast servers with super-smart CPUs, heaps of memory, and tons of storage get all the fame of a star quarterback. But all these components and computing devices are worthless, if they do not have a consistent supply of power and power backup. For this reason, electricity is often seen as a virtual hero in every server farm.

Data Center managers who offer collocation and cloud services need to mention in their SLAs that they can guarantee 100% uptime to their users. Though, it is made possible on paper, in practical; this factor lacks integrity, as most engineering types would say that it is impossible to provide 100% uptime. For this reason, now the trend is going on in such a way that any data center which promises 100% uptime, but fails to give it will have to substantiate refunds to their clients and that leads to loss of business credibility. In most cases, the cause of downtime is termed to be due to inconsistent power supply.

As ours is a developed country, we have good amount of power resources which are dependable. But sometimes, due to climatic challenges and man made technological disasters, things go out of hand and this clearly implies to the factor of power supply. As a result, nowadays, data center managers are opting for power backup solutions which are now becoming a necessity rather than an asset. For instance, when Hurricane Sandy hit East Coast of US in 2012, the power supply to some businesses and homes could not be restored for almost a week or two. This is where, some smart thinking data center IT managers opted for power backup solutions, which kept their businesses running. But it was estimated that downtime caused 37% of data center businesses loose 100% of client base during the 2012 hurricane season and as a result they were forced to shut down.

That could explain why data center operators will spend millions of dollars on backup power generation equipment, which more often than not amounts to diesel generator sets.

However, it is always wise to go for a power backup solution after framing out an understanding of your data center power needs.

For those, who are interested, here’s an overview of what you should be focusing upon-

  • First understand the raised floor area, heat load, and square area or number of racks. This will clearly give you an estimate of the facility’s total power consumption needs. This will also help you out in figuring the approximate size of the required power system.
  • Ensure that you implement standard power distribution system architectures, especially when parallel- multiple generators are installed. This will increase reliability and enhance serviceability.

So, what are basics to look for in a backup generator-

  • High Horse power- all power backup solutions meant for data centers should be designed specifically for this task and that includes becoming fully functional in a matter of few seconds. It also means being able to accept full-power loads without affecting the load performance. They are also other technical issues to clarify before going for a solution in relation to this concern.
  • Power distribution- Tier rating and power requirements will determine the controls on the generator sets. Redundancy and reliability of the control systems that switch generators online or control several generator sets running in parallel are critical.
  • Opt for the ones which have digital controls- All modern generators have digital controls and come with the initial design of the power-generation package.
  • Remote monitoring and control- By having digital controls, remote monitoring and control capabilities are enhanced. Data center operators can observe engine and alternator data, control system status, power transfer status, power-transfer connection status, and load levels without leaving the NOC. That means, digital controls will help in knowing the entire backup solutions health and operational status. It works similar, to that of a task manager on a Windows system.
  • Ask for a site inspection- In general, when a power supply from an consistent source gets ripped off (generally when the grid goes down during catastrophes) the data center will be in need of power to handle basic electrical appliances like air/cooling/heating/ventilation provisions, lighting, Fire suppression systems, alarm systems, UPS solutions and of course last, but not the least the servers. How much power the data center consumes to keep these devices alive, depends on many factors- the primary ones are size, numbers of servers, air control strategies, and how many other devices are hooked up in TDC. Based on the server count and the number of appliances which have to powered, the consumption can vary from 16000 watts to 120000 watts. A sure shot number cannot be exactly figured by an IT manager. So, it is better to invite an engineer from a power backup solutions providing company and then let him/her know your requirements. According to the needs a perfect solution can be designed by him/her and then the budget factor can be discussed thereafter.

Therefore, with so many issues to be sorted out, when it comes to power supply and power back up needs, every data center manager or head should start thinking on how their data center consumes power and what they can do to make it work more efficiently. This is because of the fact that , power and backup solutions have the potential to make and break a data center business within no time.

Western Digital announces 6TB purple drives for video surveillance

Western Digital, which is one of the popular storage media manufacturing vendors, has announced a new range of 6TB purple hard drives exclusively for video surveillance applications. These new 3.5 inches hard drives are designed for new and existing home and small business security system environments with up to eight hard drives and up to 32 HD video cameras. Western Digital’s Purple hard drives are exclusively offered for surveillance applications in 1TB up to 6TB capacity.

The highlight of 6TB Purple hard drives is that they come with WD’s innovative technology, which includes-

  • IntelliSeek Technology- With the presence of this technology, the surveillance admin can calculate the optimum seek speeds for the system workload, enabling lower power consumption and reducing noise and vibration. This feature will play a crucial role in 24/7 surveillance environments which are often exposed to high temperatures.
  • Allframe- When combined with ATA streaming support, Allframe feature present in WD Purple hard drives will cut down video frame loss, improves playback and increases the number of drive bays supported. WD purple includes exclusive firmware enhancements that enable improved playback and minimize interruptions within a surveillance system.

Western Digital claims that its 6TB purple hard drives are built to withstand the demands of always-on digital DVRs, NVRs and video management systems. Additionally, all these drives are tested with surveillance class standards and are compatible with industry leading chassis and chip-sets.

WD Purple Surveillance class hard drives are readily available in 1TB to 6TB capacities through select distributors and resellers. Coming to the price, WD 3.5 inches 6TB purple hard drive is priced at $330.

  • WD 3.5 inches 1TB purple hard drive(WD10PURX) price is $90
  • WD 3.5 inches 2TB purple hard drive(WD20PURX) price is $120
  • WD 3.5 inches 3TB purple hard drive (WD30PURX) price is $160
  • WD 3.5 inches 4TB purple hard drive (WD40PURX) price is $200
  • Information about WD 3.5 inches 5TB purple hard drive is unavailable.



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