AXIS presents its new Network cameras M1013 and M1014

AXIS communications, which is one of the leading network video camera manufacturers, announced a new range of Axis M10 network camera series, which are supported by HDTV resolution, Edge storage and a companion support feature. Axis M1013 and Axis M1014 network cameras are offered with SVGA and HDTV 720Pixesl support and are built with a design, which can also hold Micro SDHC card storage, for a perfect decentralized storage of the video. This camera series are ideal for small business, restaurants and hotels, where security surveillance needs to be consistent.

“Axis M 1014 and M1013 camera series are easy to install and are intuitive to the camera companion solution, which was launched by the same company a few weeks ago”, said Fredrik Nilsson, GM of Axis Communications. He added that, the whole standalone IP camera surveillance of 4 can be fetched at an affordable rate of just $999 USD.

Coming to the features of Axis M1014, this network camera offers HDTV 720 Pixels/1 mega pixel resolution, while its companion Axis M1013 is offered with a SVGA resolution. Both these cameras are indoor cameras and have highlights such as motion detection, tampering alarms and advanced H.264 compression to reduce storage costs and bandwidth. Edge storage support is offered with the help of Micros SDHC cards which can be shared by a NAS device. So, the cost to establish the network remains within the budget and is reliably offered with a storage redundancy.

Moreover, these two cameras are offered with Video hosting system feature support, where everything can be done with one-click camera connection, which makes them ideal for a hosted video solution.

Axis M1013 and Axis M1014 network cameras work with any IP Video surveillance system like a DNF Security Falcon Extreme video storage system. The price of an Axis M1013 is $179 USD and Axis M1014 is available for a price of $229. The Axis M10 network camera series will be available from the second quarter of this year 2012.

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