Data Storage Vendor “StoneFly™ INC” to fight against Cancer

StoneFly™ INC a Californian based company and a business wing of Dynamic Network Factory is proud to announce its support to fight against cancer in a unique but effective way. From the month of August to September 30th, 2012, StoneFly™ INC will be offering an opportunity to the IT field to support for the cause of fighting against Breast Cancer.

StoneFly™ INC will be donating the total purchase price of Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM) Software Appliance to the Support, Treatment, Awareness and Research-STAR for Breast Cancer. As per the facts revealed by StoneFly, breast cancer claims almost 40,000 lives in United States every year. The company claims that, many deaths are preventable, if they are properly diagnosed in the right time and that too with proper medication.

So, StoneFly™ INC is partnering with STAR which is breast cancer awareness program and will help in educating, treating and supporting victims of breast cancer. Through this media release StoneFly INC is also asking its channel’s support to this cause of fighting against cancer.

Well, for all those who are having a vague idea about the SCVM, here are some of the highlights of this excellent and innovative software. StoneFly™ INC Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine abbreviated as SCVM is Virtual IP SAN software appliance which offers the opportunity of creating a virtual IPSAN using the existing resources of your virtual server. It is an innovation driven Virtual IP SAN appliance software applicable for VMware environments.

SCVM Virtual Unified IP SAN + NAS storage solution is a Unified IP SAN (iSCSI) plus a NAS scale out virtual appliance for VMware ESXi Hypervisor or Hyper-V Environments. SCVM offers advanced and all inclusive featured iSCSI SAN/ Storage in VMware virtual machine. So, the need for an extra box for extra storage needs gets eliminated through SCVM.

The best part is to create an iSCSI virtual SAN appliance along with your server virtual machine within the available hardware resources. This offers increase in productivity simplifies the management of the IT Manager and reduces power and rack space by simply loading an SCVM in a virtual machine.

In order to know more about StoneFly™ INC SCVM support to fight breast cancer please call (510) 265-1616 or log on to Official website StoneFly™ INC  to view more features of the product.


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