Pen Drives pose as major threats to Cyber Security

Pen Drives which are one of the best used forms of flexible storages are now labeled as major threats to cyber security. These plug and play storage devices revolutionized the storage field to a high level, when they were first presented by IBM. From more than a decade, the pen drive storage devices are offering their best services to its users and are also known for their easy to use and manage traits. But at the same time, since they posed as an intelligent medium for data spillage, most of the countries have banned their usage in their respective government and security & defense forces.

However, as per the latest survey results, use of pen drives has emerged as the main threat to cyber security in defense forces, despite an ongoing ban. It is reported that 70% of data breaches are caused by these easy to carry storage media and unauthorized usage of these devices have led to security breaches in the armed forces all around the world.

Many countries are issuing fresh cyber security guidelines to their respective army headquarters to protect sensitive military networks from hacker attacks. On a fresh note, they have also issued a warning to their security personnel and government staff not to have any official data on their personnel computers and pen drives. If in case the security personnel are found guilty in this regard, countries like United States, Australia, Russia and Europe have issued orders to be ready for a stringent action, which includes disciplinary action like court martial.

Kaspersky Lab, one of the fastest growing IT security vendors has issued a warning on a global note, that Pen Drives constitute to 43% of cyber security threat. Despite the ban on their use, 33% of government and armed forces related data is spilled through these storage devices all around the world. A spokesperson from Kaspersky has revealed that, when the officials use the USB flash storages to store security related data, the data gets transmitted through their PCs to the hackers, due to a malware.

A few years ago, a Leu. Major posted in South America was apprehended as it was discovered that sensitive data was being transferred from his computer. But after a detailed enquiry, it was discovered that his system was hacked and a spying malware induced from a pen drive was responsible for the sensitive data transfer to other computers.

So, once again it is proved that technology related developments can turn negative if they are not properly used.


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