TDK Tech to launch 10TB hard disk drive by 2014

TDK Technologies, a Missouri based consulting company, which offers computer related technological solutions is all set to come up with a hard disk drive which will have 10TB storage capacity. The company has achieved a density record of 1.5TB data per square inch, which will allow 3.5 inches hard drive having a storage capacity of 2TB per platter. So, a hard drive with 5 platters will have the overall storage capacity of 10TB, which will bring a new revolution in the data storage industry.

TDK will be using H/TAMR (Heat/ Thermal assisted magnetic recording) technology to flip bits on its ultra dense platters. However, TDK is yet to integrate its latest media into the hard drives as the areal density was worked on a spin plate rather than a working drive. The company is said to exhibit the HAMR equipped hard drive at the CEATEC show in Japan and is said to bring these 10TB hard drives commercially by the end of 2013 or early 2014.

If this huge capacity driven hard drive comes into existence, then it will surely bring a revolution among the data centers as well as among the manufacturers of Notebooks and PCs.

Although, the details about this high capacity drive are under cover, TDK has officially announced that it is using Showa Denko KK magnetic media for its 10TB hard disks.

Presently, the maximum capacity of hard drives among SATA and SAS breed is 4TB.

More details about the 10TB hard drives of TDK will be released shortly.


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