Centuric offers online backup and disaster recovery system

Centuric a cloud based service provider has announced the launch of its data protection and backup system, where data is backed-up offsite in an automated way. Centuric encrypts the data and offers complete protection against viruses and intrusion.

One may get a feeling that, what is exceptional in this service, which differentiates it from the traditional external hard disk backup. Centuric Data Backup and Recovery System present reliability and security from the core, which the traditional external HDD backup lacks. External hard drives offer data protection to a certain level, but once they get damaged the data can no longer be recovered under usual circumstances.

Centuric data backup and recovery system offers data storage in multiple locations along with automatic encryption and fingerprinting. So, when the necessity arises, the user can access data through a web browser. In this way, Centuric infrastructure offers data guarantee through secure access and eliminates the failure rate which is seen in the traditional external hard disk backup.

In traditional back up methods like saving files on a CD, Hard disk and tape, a person needs to be initiated with the action. This manual backup method can prove costly and in some situations inefficient. Additionally, the requirement of on premise backup solutions will need expensive server; software licensing and maintenance fees and thus this can raise the Total Cost of Ownership. Moreover, the restoration of data backups from older versions can cause data corruption and so the whole backup affair can go useless.

Centuric data backup and recovery system offers guaranteed data continuity and eliminate the increase in TCO by doing away with manual data backup methods. Moreover, this online backup solution is offered as a one-time configuration method.

Centuric has a proven track record with its client base spread across private, public and government sectors. It has more than a decade long experience in this field and so its advanced backup and data recovery solution will be a good substitute to manual backups.


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