Security Surveillance camera types

Security Surveillance usually involves the use of monitoring cameras in order to supervise the activities or behaviors of people or groups. Their deployment has become crucial, in order to recognize and monitor threats or criminal activities in advance. As security installations are becoming more rampant, it is essential to select a proper camera for the right application.

The below article acts as a reference guide to the type of cameras prevailing in the surveillance market and will also offer a brief note on their purpose of deployment. Beyond the below list are several other cameras like front door cameras, nanny cameras, elevator cameras and so on, where they are related to only specific applications.

  • Bullet Camera- Bullet CCTV cameras are wall mountable and are also ceiling mountable. They are designed to serve for indoor surveillance activities and can also sometimes serve in some outdoor applications.  Bullet Cameras are sleek, thin and are cylindrical in shape and derived the name as such, due to their resemblance to a bullet. They come in waterproof models and serve the purpose of capturing images from a fixed area. The unit is mounted in such a way that it points at a particular area. Usually these cameras are deployed in sports arenas like swimming pools, marathons or cycling velodromes, where the finish point has to be precisely tracked.
  • Dome Cameras- These cameras attain their name as they are covered in dome shaped housing. These housings are designed in such a way that they are unobtrusive and visible and so these cameras cannot serve for the covert surveillance purposes. Usually, dome cameras are deployed in retail sector, where the cameras are designed to be unobtrusive, but are highly visible. By their visibility, they keep the bad guys away; as their presence indicates that the area is under surveillance and any slight unwanted activity will be captured on frame. The dome camera housing is presented in such a way that the camera can spin quickly within the housing, while functioning. For this purpose, the housings are also called as speed domes.
  • Covert cameras- These cameras are usually presented in miniscule dimensions and they only fit into one purpose and that is for covert applications. They come in many shapes and sizes and are sometimes specifically designed as per requirement.
  • Discreet cameras- These cameras take the disguise of covert cameras and sometimes a normal digital camera placed in a discreet location can also fit into this stream.
  • Infrared/Night vision Cameras- Sometimes, surveillance activity has to be carried out in pitch darkness. To better suit this purpose, night vision cameras are offered. These cameras are offered with IR LEDs and so they can carry out their regular functioning in utter darkness as well.
  • Outdoor cameras- Surveillance cameras installed, near traffic signals, on highways, at ports, on roads, near parks and other government related premises can be called as outdoor cameras. The key to an outdoor camera is the housing. The housing is so robust that it is moisture proof, insect proof, dust resistance, Heat resistant, snow resistance, water resistance and is non corrosive. All cameras fitted in open environments come under the wings of outdoor cameras.
  • Day/Night cameras- Day/night cameras are those cameras, which can carry out surveillance activities, under varying light. These cameras are used mainly in outdoor applications like in motorways, outdoor parking lots, parks, and so on. These cameras are encapsulated with wide dynamic range feature where they can work in high glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong backlight exposed conditions.
  • Varifocal cameras- A camera with varifocal lens will allow the operator to zoom in/out while strictly maintaining the focus on the subject. These cameras are ideal to be deployed on highways for license plate recognition.
  • Network IP cameras- A network IP camera is offered in wired and wireless forms. These cameras capture images in digital format and transmit the images over the internet by compressing them. The IP cameras stream the digital videos to the NVR and from there the videos are managed and stored for future reference purpose. The network cameras can be managed through a central system and are on huge demand in the surveillance field.
  • Wireless cameras- Surveillance activity can also be carried out by wireless cameras. Here one must make a note that all wireless cameras are not IP based. Some cameras can also use alternative methods for transmission of images or videos. No matter what the transmission method is, the main highlight of these cameras is to offer extreme flexibility while installation.
  • PTZ cameras- PTZ cameras acquired their names from their function of panning, tilting and zooming, which can be carried out by the surveillance operator. These cameras can be remotely moved from left to right (pan) and up and down (tilt) and the lens allows the operator to zoom on a particular subject. Some cameras are having automated PTZ features and can cover wide areas.
  • High Definition cameras- High definition cameras are offered to specific applications driven markets such as casinos. These cameras have the ability to zoom in with extreme clarity and so can detect any kind of immoral activities taking place in the casinos, low lit bars and restaurants. In the past, High definition cameras were tube based analog cameras. But now, they are offered with the ability to transmit images with the use of HDCCTV.

No matter what the type of surveillance is on hand, it is best to do some research on your application needs and then shop around until you can get the best cameras, which fit the purpose in a perfect way and deliver the highest quality.


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  2. The choice of the security surveillance camera is depend on the purpose of the use on basics of that only you can get the more impressive and desired results.

  3. Now a days there are so many cameras available for security and this is best way to used can find good results for that.

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