Facebook data center hosts 220 billion photos and may reach 500 billion count by 2014

Facebook, the world’s leading social networking website is said to be presently hosting 220 billion photos in its data center. On an overall note, Facebook has 100PB of videos and images stored in its data center related to its respective users . This social networking platform is said to be generating around 300 million photos per day and the count is estimated to reach 400 million on and after the immediate Christmas season. As per the details, around 208,000 photo uploads are taking place per minute.

According to the data revealed at the Intel briefing, which took place last week, Frank Frankovsky, Vice President of Hardware Design, took the initiative to let out the above details on an official note. He also added that the craze of his company is so high that by the year 2014, its company is predicted to host around 500 billion photos on its platform. This shows the capability of Facebook’s Prineville data center to handle big data challenges.

Coming to Facebook’s server and storage design, the company has opted for a new single width rack design, which is now seen in its Prineville data center. The racks are widened almost 21 inches wide, which is 3 inches more from the traditional 19 inches design. The footprint has been maintained at the standard dimension of 24 inches. The power supply system is a revamped structure, where the power supply is housed in a power shelf and is in no way in-line with server motherboards. The power shelf is housed at the base of the rack and is tied into the bushbar at the rear of the unit. From there the 12volt power supply is then distributed across three bush bars that are connected to the servers and this arrangement paves way for power efficiency while the distribution takes place.

Facebook’s server design is an open compute design and is seven inches wide and allows three servers to fit in each tray. The tall design offers free flow of air and that is possible by 80 millimeter fans, which is a bit different from the usual 60mm fans seen in first generation of servers.

The storage design of facebook is a Knox Storage Sled, where 15 disks can be induced into the trays and that to in the flexible slide in & out. This allows flexible maintenance as each disk is hanged through hinge, when it slides out of the rack. This allows easy disk replacement of hard disks in the upper areas of the storage rack.

Facebook has gone for Intel’s ARM based chips for its servers, as its previous deal with AMD was cancelled, due to AMDs delay in launching the chips, which may now only see light in early 2014.

So, pretty soon Intel is planning to bring in the smart phone CPUs to data centers, as it plans to offer ARM based enterprise class servers by mid 2013.

Facebook, in order to improve the experience of its social networking website users is always in search of new technological innovations and has succeeded in deploying them till date and hope it also succeeds in future as well.

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