Microsoft to start a campaign against pirated versions of its operating systems

Microsoft, which is a multinational software corporation, headquartered in America is all set to start a campaign on the use of pirated versions of its operating systems and softwares. First the company is coming up with a campaign in early 2014 which will be against the use of Operating systems without license.

It is estimated that almost 43% of operating systems operating in the world are not licensed and are being run on a pirated note. As per the survey conducted by Microsoft, its XP operating system is mostly used (it can be called as most abused OS) without license in the world and Asia region tops the list.

To curb the use of unlicensed XP, Microsoft has already come up with a plan to shut down XP systems after April 2014. It has already announced on an official note that all XP users (whether licensed or not) must upgrade their PC’s to Windows 7 by April 2014. Any system working on XP OS will be remotely shut down after the said period. So, all those who will be using this 2001 released OS after the said date, will not be entertained by the company.

But reliable sources now report that Microsoft has changed its plans and will come up with an official announcement in May 2013, which says that it has reduced the deadline to August 2013. All those systems operating with XP will no longer work from the beginning of 2014 and the only option to survive this situation is to upgrade to Windows 7.

There is even more bad news to other Windows software users. All those who are using MS office without a genuine license will face the literal ire of the company in 2014. Those systems which are not using genuine Office software after a specific date in 2014 will stop receiving updates from Microsoft. As a result, their software will stop working after a period of 24 hours from the deadline date.

Presently, the date of deadline for MS Office users is yet to be known on an official note and whether it will imply to Windows 7 users has to be figured out.

This move of Microsoft is to gain some profits from the sales of its genuine software. But it can backfire as many open source software’s can gain benefits through this move.

Well, the real fact is that this move of Microsoft may not affect its business users and will show its influence strictly on home users. Indeed we can understand the vision of Microsoft with this move. It has been entertaining pirated version of users from many years and there is a saturation point for everything. There is no meaning for any business, if it cannot make some profit out of it.

So, until an official announcement is made from the American software giant all the home users must keep their fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft to start a campaign against pirated versions of its operating systems

  1. Sorry but where are you getting this information? Microsoft will certainly not be shutting XP down and they have no way of doing so either. Please check your sources before writing.

  2. We have the right to use unlicenced software windows stole dos off apple bill gates had never written a line of code in his life windows is the most flawed software in the world and completely absolve themselves of any responsibility.if they built cars or furniture like windows millions would be dead or seriously injured with billions payed out in compo bill gates full of sh#t

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