Global IT spending to reach $3.8 trillion in 2013 says Gartner

IT spending on a global note is said to reach $3.8 trillion, as per the latest forecast of Gartner. The spending will be influenced by factors such as US Government’s spending and debt crisis in Cyprus, said Richard Gordon, Analyst at Gartner. All these factors may bring a pause to IT Spending till 2Q 2013, but from then on the spending is likely going to increase said as per the research study.

Gartner’s forecast suggests that Telecom Services will top the spending chart as it will rise by 2% reaching $1.69 trillion in this year. Enterprise Software revenue will also witness a rise by 6.4% in current year, as the industry will witness a $297 billion investment for this year.

As per the latest forecast, the growth rate prescribed is same as predicted by Gartner in its previous report. The only change is at the market level and that is due to various influencing factors such as demand and necessity.

Giving an overall insight about the spending, Gartner has also given a forecast for data center spending to reach $146 billion till this year end. The device spending of IT will be around $718 billion, which is going to be 7.9% of rise.


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