Ten best cloud storage features to improve your business

For all those who are new to the concept of Cloud storage here is an article which might help you in knowing the best ten cloud storage features helpful for your business growth. Going with the fact that Cloud Storage offers anytime and anywhere data access facility to its users, which eventually saves a lot of time and cost to an enterprise. But while shopping for an efficient cloud storage vendor, please look in to the below mentioned features and then go for an SLA.

Storage efficiency- Always know how much virtual storage will your cloud storage provider offer. Obviously, all cloud storage providers’ promise storage as per the user requirement. But make sure that the offered storage is efficient enough to fulfill your enterprise needs to the fullest.

Real- Time Notifications- Make sure that your cloud vendor provides real-time notifications to the files which are being edited. This will be helpful for those businesses which are geographically separated and are in different time zones, as the users can instantly be aware of the changed state of stored files.

Slideshow sharing- For those who are in graphical design and architecture field, slide show sharing feature will be meaningful. Users can just share the link of their media files and can directly get the comments on their photos from other users.

Video Streaming- Video editing feature in the cloud will help users get the inputs from your team members who are geographically separated. Just put in the raw file in the cloud and allow your team mates to suggest some changes and then you can get it ready for your presentation or upload it onto Youtube.

Desktop SYNC- this is an important feature where people can email their backups in an automated way. So, there is no need to remember to resend an email copy to their email ID, as everything gets done in an automated way.

Password-Protection Sharing- Having a password-protect feature from your cloud storage provide will prove beneficial in instances like email communications. All emails with attached business documents, intended for private use can be shared via password protect feature.

Group Chat- Having an online group chat feature will be always be helpful, especially when your team members are geographically separated. So, if storage can provide a chat feature on a parallel note, then discussions on files will be more helpful than sending long emails in chain format.

Apple TV Capabilities- Nowadays, the trend of smart phones and tablets is picking up and so if a cloud storage provider can provide apps supporting Apple TV capabilities, then employees can display their training videos directly from their hand held gadgets, thus eliminating the need for extra devices.

Organized Dashboard- If your cloud provides you with a dashboard feature then users can know what files are being downloaded, when the comments were made, when the files were edited, moved, deleted and renamed. It also helps the users know what device was attached on a recent note to the cloud storage account. These all features help in improving the work transparency of your business; as all team members can be aware on how the business is going forward.

User friendly and responsive design- In reality, all those cloud storage providers who come up with a responsive design as well as a user interface can help in improving the business of an enterprise. So, always go for the cloud storage which comes forward with a responsive design and user friendly interface from any device.


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