Intel USB to allow bidirectional data and power transfer

Intel which has obtained USB SuperSpeed interface certification will come up with a Universal Serial Bus with doubled data transfer speeds for faster throughput. Well, it doesn’t end here as Intel will be offering something more to make it more appealing. Its Thunderbolt and USB SuperSpeed specifications will also allow power transfer in both directions ranging from 10 watts to 100 watts.

Consequently, with Intel’s new Thunderbolt, presently termed as fastest inter-connectivity, 10GBps to 20Gbps data transfer speeds can be obtained.

So, as a result, the availability of data and power transfer facilities will revolutionize the computer, laptop and HDTV world, as a single USB hub can offer bi-directional flow of data as well as power.

“For USB Super Speed (also called as USB 3.0), the data transfer speed is evolutionary, but the power transfer is revolutionary,” said Jeff Ravencraft, President of USB Implementers forum (USB IF). USB IF is a non- profit organization founded by the developers of the USB specification backed by Intel, Microsoft and HP.

“The new interface offering bi-directional flow of data and power will change the way computers, peripherals and even HDTVs will consume but also deliver power,” said Ravencraft.

Ravencraft expects USB with power and data transfer facility supported products to be out by the year 2014. SuperSpeed USB is optimized for power efficiency and can power up devices, while Thunderbolt will get its performance boost from a new controller chip code named Falcon Ridge, which was introduced at NAB show.

Well, there are some more points to be clarified on this technological revolution. But presently the news is out that the new SuperSpeed 3.0 specification will support  power transfer up to 100 watts, along with bi-directional data flow ranging in between 10Gbps- 20Gbps.


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