Microsoft has 1 million servers operating in its data center

Microsoft becomes the first of the major search and cloud players to confirm that they have 1 million servers running in their data centers. This was stated by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in his keynote address during last weeks Worldwide Partner Conference.

Steve also added that they are just a handful of companies which has invested in scaled public cloud infrastructures and are equivalent to what his company has achieved from those infrastructures till date. In his revealing, Steve named Google as a big company than Microsoft. Then he described Amazon as a bit smaller company than Microsoft. Yahoo! and Facebook stood at 4th and 5th position in his lineup with around 900,000 server count.

Nevertheless, Mr. Ballmer did not indicate whether his knowledge on the server count maintained by other companies was just a guesstimate or a confirmed fact. He however remained diplomatic on other companies, but chose to mention few words about Facebook through his below statement.

“Facebook is a new emerge in business, but has proved to the world what its value is among the users within no time,” said Steve Ballmer.

However, it is a matter of fact that size or count doesn’t matter in predicting the true worth of data center metrics. What matters in the end is the business which has been gained from the said server count.

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