Windows XP users cautioned by Microsoft!

Microsoft Windows has cautioned all Windows XP users that after April 8th, 2014, all those PCs which are using the said operating system will be vulnerable to hackers. The software giant has made it public that it will stop all kind of support services to Windows XP OS from the said date and confirmed that there is no probability of extending the date till the end of 2014.

The end of support services means that Microsoft Windows will no longer issue Security updates, non-security hot fixes and free or paid assistance or technical support to XP users. As a result and in the absence of patches and security updates, all PCs which are running on XP OS will be at greater risks and could be easily compromised by the hackers.

Moreover, adding to this agony, all major software and hardware vendors like Java, Intel and so on will also stop supporting Windows XP from April 2014 on their newer versions and models.

An official confirmation on this issue will be notified on the official website of Microsoft from September 2013 and the same details will be specified in the official notice.

Now, for all those who are about to panic on hearing this news, here is a good piece of information to them. You can go for the upgrade before said date, with three successor versions of your choice.

Windows XP which was released in August 2001 will be succeeded by Windows Vista released in November 2006, Windows 7 released in July 2009 and Windows 8 released in August 2012.

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