Malware- as- a service on the prowl!

Digital world has so far suffered with number of consequences due to malicious software technologically termed as Malware. This intrusive software is responsible for disruption of computer operations, gathering sensitive information and in certain situations gaining access to private computer systems.

It is evident from history that computer world has been/ is suffering a lot due to the presence of computer viruses, ransom ware, worms, Trojan horses, root kits, key loggers, dialers, spyware, adware…… And no matter how many security software’s are available in the market, the fact remains that it cannot be curbed from the root as every day a new malware appears or is being updated by some narrow minded people.

Now imagine if this malware producing industry starts catering as a “Service” then what will be the consequences. Incongitable isn’t it?

But now it’s time to better be aware of this fact, as some groups in Russia are making malware production and distribution into an industry of “Malware- as-a- service” (MAAS). Following the cloud computing suit, “Malware- as a service” is on the prowl and is being offered as an online utility where hackers can pay for malware depending on their use and the strength of it in creating disruptions.

As per sources, Malware as a service is picking up in some parts of Russia, where some companies are trying to even establish affiliates, distributors and customer support in order to perpetuate their business. All these days, the “ malware-as- a service” was restricted to mobile hacking where criminal enterprises where held responsible for more than 60% of all Russian Malware and millions of dollars in fraudulent SMS toll charges against end user phone bills.

Now the same situation is creeping into the computing industry as more than 10 criminal’s enterprises have started operating with an aim to perpetuate their “MAAS”. As per a reliable sources working for a well known news paper in Russia, these 10 companies have already succeeded in establishing a group of affiliates, distributors and customer support services in many parts of the world which includes some countries in South Africa, Asian and in United Kingdom. It is said that this business has picked up in this year as some hate groups are approaching such online enterprises related to “malware- as-a-service” to create ruckus over the internet.

Since, NSA’s PRISM is monitoring the internet activities in USA; MAAS will be inactive in this part of the world.

Government authorities of Russia are already trying to curb this menace from the past one year. They have succeeded in doing it for malware as a service related to mobile computing. But the Russian security authorities are helpless in curbing it from the root, as the business has already crept to other parts of the world which is outside its jurisdiction.

The authorities have also succeeded in identifying and shut down two such MAAS related businesses  in the past three months. They have also arrested some people on this note and are searching for the main kingpin who is behind this whole business.

For now, we can just do one thing and that is to hope that the authorities work in time and stop this menace from spreading its roots to other parts of the world.

May be this is where the need for the presence of internet surveillance programs like PRISM becomes truly essential and hope, those who are opposing it due to privacy invasion will understand it some day.


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