Barack Obama remains undeterred by backlash against NSA Prism internet Surveillance

When the whole world is lashing out at NSA’s Prism, the president of United States seems to be undeterred. He has ordered his staff not to turn back from their regular duties of spying the internet activities of the populace and added that he may bring some service agreements from early next year in support of Prism surveillance.

As per some sources who reported to a well known news daily “ Wall street Journal” it is reported that web service providers like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon and so on may soon be asked to include a law in their service agreements with their users.

In coming weeks, Google, Facebook and Yahoo will show a pop up to all its users which will say that their activity will be monitored by NSA Prism agency and those who agree may continue to use the services and those who not may abort. This agreement via POP-Up will apply only to old users of these services, as new users will be asked to read the service level agreement while they first sign-in for the service.

This means a kind of vendor Lock-in agreement is being passed in between the user and the service provider, where the upper hand will be of the latter, as the user is left with no choice, except to agree for using his/her preferred services like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo news and so on.

Pretty soon, this news will be made official by Whitehouse as lawmakers have already drafted the agreement driven notion to Obama’s chief of Staff Mr. Denis McDonough, who worked as an ex-deputy national secretary advisor a few months ago.

The federal government is presently in news for spying on other countries and continents high end politicians through its NSA data center. Russia, France, India, China and South America have already expressed their disagreement for NSA Prism internet surveillance.

But the Whitehouse has never reacted on this issue and has no intentions to do so in coming days. Surprisingly, it came up with an explanation that “Every country spies on others in the name of National security” which to a certain extent happens to be true indeed.


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