How to reduce data center noise?

All those who made a visit to a data center might have experienced the noisy environment prevailing in it. When the infrastructure of data center mainly comprises of Servers, UPSes, Cooling equipment,….data center managers have to first figure out a way to deal with the noisy environment prevailing in it. On an average, most data center register a noise level ranging in between 70DB to 85DB. Under this noise range, it is truly difficult to converse on the floor and on phone. Also beware of the fact that most people working in a data center environment experience low-level headaches due to high noise levels.

So, here are some ways to reduce the noise levels in a data center.

  • First identify the culprits which are causing excessive noise other than servers. Take a walk with your colleagues and figure out where your conversation is audible and where it is not.
  • After figuring out the culprits, first call the equipment dealer or the manufacturer and see if they have a solution. Sometimes a part replacement or product change can make a big difference and solve the issue to a major extent.
  • Make sure that you install closed or sound dampening cabinets and deploy the servers and other components inside them. Moving servers from open racks to close cabinets which are well ventilated will surely allow you to reduce the noise. Nowadays, as technology usage is swelling up, manufactures are coming up with several cabinet models which allow heat dissipation of up to 7kW which is truly outstanding.
  • In most cases deployed cooling solutions can also turn the entire environment noisy. It entirely depends on the fans which are inside the racks and more the count is more are the noise levels. So, the moment you find out the fans making much more noise, you should immediately think of replacing them with quite ones with very little aural interference.
  • Usually walls and insulation will prevent noise from escaping out. But if your aim is to create a library quite office space, then sound proofing is the best solution to consider. Sound deadening panels, tiles and baffles can be suspended from the ceiling and walls to prevent the sound waves from reflecting off of ceilings and walls back into data center. Make sure that they are properly fire rated, fiber free, designed to reduce reverberation and prevent noise build up.
  • Apart from these measures, it is better to have disposable ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones at the entrance, especially for guests and infrequent visitors to the data center.

Hope, these measures will help you in reducing the noise levels up to a major extent in your data center.


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