Server Virtualization usage diverges by enterprise size

Server Virtualization usage varies by organizational size and this was proved in a research carried out QuinStreet Enterprise. The research indicated that usage patterns of server virtualization technology are not uniform across all size of organizations and there exists a usage difference among them.

The study involved around 321 qualified IT professionals in it and out of them over 88% of them agreed that the sole purpose of using server virtualization is to bring down the overall IT budget of an organization by involving technologies such as server virtualization in their IT operations.

On the whole, the study found that over 43% of respondents have already deployed server virtualization in their enterprise and in next 12 months around 15% of them are said to follow.

The survey also mentioned that data center is changing and is now expected to add value to the enterprise. For this to occur, the study indicated that investment in new technologies to modernize the data center is truly essential. For this reason, Server Virtualization is now being treated as a part of modernization effort to help the data centers transform into resourceful mediums for meeting the needs of both employee and customer.

For more details please click on 2014 data center outlook


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