Dropbox dismisses hacking rumors and confirms that it is back on track!

Dropbox, one of the popular file hosting providers of California dismissed rumors that its servers were hacked on Friday ( January 10,2014) by an anonymous terrorist group causing a total black out in the weekend.

Dropbox, officials reacted to the ongoing rumors circulating on few popular social networking sites and clarified that the company’s file sharing services were down in last weekend due to routine internal maintenance.

Dropbox released a media statement a few hours ago and said that it was making progress in restoring its service by early hours of Monday. An official also clarified that 99% of the users were able to access their files plus sync by now and only 1% of them had some issues while syncing their files with the company’s desktop client and mobile apps.

The main issues with Dropbox 2014 cloud storage outage was with its photo sharing service. So, the company immediately disabled the photo sharing option on its website. The company plans to reintroduce the photo sharing tab somewhere on Wednesday this week and will offer full services of this tab by this weekend to all its users.

Dropbox, which was founded in the year 2007 and which has 200 million users so far is facing severe services outages and cyber attacks from the past couple of years. It is reported by a security firm that this cloud storage service provider faces around 14000 of cyber attacks and 5 severe outages every year. But this cloud storage service provider has enough resources to combat with such issues and so is now named as one of the best cloud storage service providers of the globe.

Meanwhile, the rumors that Dropbox was hacked on last weekend don’t seem to die out on a popular social networking website. A group on Facebook also issued an interesting statement that the attack was done in order to show their reluctance to ongoing NSA Prism internet surveillance and more such attacks will be done if US Security agency doesn’t bring in some reforms into the ongoing internet surveillance.

Hope, US President Barack Obama is listening to all such cloud storage vendor concerns.


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