IP SAN best fit environments

IP SANs are becoming extremely popular in small and medium sized business environments. And as per a survey conducted by IDC in 2013, 48% of survey respondents admitted that they have either deployed or plan to deploy an iSCSI system by this year end. The survey also highlighted a fact that much of iSCSI business growth appears to come from small and medium sized businesses.

However, whether or not to purchase an IP SAN could become a tough decision to make if the environment in which it best fits into is unclear. Here is post which will act as a guide in learning about best fit environments of IP SANs.

The deployment of iSCSI is mainly centered on how well the foundation for IP SANs in utilization of resources such as efficiency, simplicity, availability and flexibility is being offered. With the help of iSCSI, an IT admin can consolidate storage and servers, while increasing the capacity, performance and evidently the utilization of storage resources.

Here are some killer applications which are ideal for an IP SAN deployment-

Storage Consolidation- On an average, an enterprise storage environment increases on an exponential note for every quarter of a year. As a result, the cost and time needed to maintain a network becomes overpowering. At this juncture, a consolidation of storage infrastructure offers painless scalability, high availability and enhanced storage utilization. Here’s where IP SAN provides exceptional cost savings over the traditional FC SAN by simplifying the storage management to the admins. It helps to reduce the amount of storage required by increasing the usage of available resources. On an additional note, it also offers storage intensive tasks like instant backups, nearline disaster recovery and archiving solutions.

Virtualization is now being considered as a boon for those who are thinking about deploying green computing techniques in their work place. It not only reduces the server footprint, but also helps in reducing carbon emission into the environment. So, for all those who are looking to reduce the effects of server sprawl, IP SAN can be the best fitting solution. A research done by Yankee Group suggests that server virtualization helps in increasing server utilization by 30% and cuts down power and cooling costs to about 50% to an enterprise. So, by consolidating physical servers into a single system running on multiple operating systems and applications, IP SAN is the best choice to look into. It offers the benefit of centralizing the storage and server volumes for efficient storage provisioning and management.

As mentioned in one of the earlier paragraphs, an efficient insurance policy against all kinds of disaster related disruptions is to implement a business continuity plan with an IP SAN. SAN based replication provides simple and convenient foundation for maximizing system reliability, availability and performance with the help of easy to manage centralized solution. Thus, with the help of an iSCSI SAN powered by a comprehensive data continuity services, a cost effective strategy to simplify business continuity can be obtained.

Ideal for disk to disk backup (D2D)- An iSCSI SAN will be a wise choice to make for those enterprises which want to implement D2D backup solutions. The reason is obvious, as disk to disk backup not only reduces backup time, but also accelerates restore time, better than a tape solution.

Blade server deployment- In an environment where hundreds of servers do the computing job, the cost associated for managing them is relative high. Here’s where high density blade servers come to rescue where they not only maximize computing resources, but also lessen infrastructure management costs by simplifying cabling, reducing power consumption and cut down IT admins count. When blade servers are present in a your enterprise, then deployment of IP SAN storage will be a wise move, as it offers server and storage centralization, along with, high availability intuition.

Email- With security concerns increasingly mingling over email service providers, re-evaluation of email archiving and management has become a criterion for most enterprises. With the help of iSCSI SANs, email archiving can streamline storage management, making full recovery and access to data simple. Through advanced storage services such as snapshots and asynchronous mirroring, enhanced data recovery performance can be easily achieved.

Now, for those who got impressed with the best fit environments of IP SAN and want to go for the services, here’s a fact. StoneFly offers IP SAN solutions as per the industry standards with the help of its award winning software StoneFusion Intelligent Network Platform.

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