Google plans to creep inside your homes!

Google, the internet juggernaut has now made up its mind to move into your homes on a permanent note. Already, the internet service provider is buzzing on Home PCs and is now in plans to connect the other appliances of our dwelling to internet. By doing so, the company wants to connect the devices like refrigerators, toasters, ovens, TVs and other appliances inside your house to internet so that you can manage their work functions from a remote place. In return, the company plans to target you with related ads through proper channel, based on your usage habits of these appliances.

On Monday, Google acquired NEST for a cool $3.2 billion and stepped into the hot new market of “Connected home”. NEST is a maker of smart smoke alarms and thermostats which can be controlled by a smart phone or a wi-fi and by 2016 will expand its business to other related verticals with the help of Google funding.

If the deal goes as said on paper, then this will be the biggest acquisition of Google in terms of money, after it acquired Youtube for $1.6 billion in 2006. Google was secretly funding NEST since 2011 and is now interested to take on the company on a wholesome note.

NEST was founded in 2010 and has 300 employees spread across United States. It is a fact that 63% of the company’s employees, which includes the CEO Tony Fadell were former employees of Apple, INC,.

Consequently, with the latest acquisition, Google has made it clear that it wants a bigger presence in the home. So, it wants to stay active on linking home appliances to internet, which as per few trade analysts is a good emerging market, which has a sound future ahead.

Hope, Google’s plans go as expected and its footprint in home appliances business yields the results as expected.


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