Microsoft to start shipping Windows 9 from early 2015

Microsoft has finally accepted the truth that its Windows 8 and its upgrade have failed to impress most of Windows patrons.  So, it is likely to go for an early release of its Windows 9 as a backup alternative. BUILD developers conference held in San Francisco in April this year will witness the official announcement of Microsoft in this regards.

The Beta version of Win 9 is likely to hit the market by Q3-Q4 of 2014 and then the official release of Windows 9 is going to take place by early 2015.

As per sources of Storageservers blog, the perception plagued Windows 8 operating system retail sales will be shut down by Q4 of 2014 in order to make way for Windows 9. However, the OS will be available as preinstalled on the computing gadgets after the said date.

Last year, there was a buzz on few technology related blogs that Windows 9 will be similar to the present Windows 8 version with certain changes like a new Start menu interface.

But now, it’s being reported that more innovation will be pushed into the new version of Microsoft Windows 9 and the OS is also going to be economical from user’s point of view.

Meanwhile, there is a huge cry on Twitter that Windows 9 will be only available to desktop users and in a mean version.

Reacting on the ongoing twitter buzz, Michael Silver, analyst with Gartner agreed that Windows 9 will have a magnitude of difference from its previous version in order to survive and overcome the failure of WIN 8 which did not live up to the expectations of most. He also predicted a possibility that from April 2015, PCs loaded with Windows 9 will be available on a commercial note. Silver chose to remain silent on the buzz that Windows 9 will only be restricted to desktop PCs and hinted that this might turn untrue.

Meanwhile, as per a survey conducted by Internet measurement firm Net Applications, Windows 8 and 8.1s share on a combined note only reached 10.5% figure by December 2013, which is almost 46 times less than what Windows 7 achieved in its initial stages of its launch.

Michael Silver reacted on this issue and said that there is a high probability of these figures improving in Jan 2014 as Microsoft is planning to release a notification to all Windows XP users in this month about the end date of Win XP support after April 2014.


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