How Big Data analytics is helping in searching for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has been mysteriously missing from the past one week or so and still the authorities are not in a position to give a clear picture on what exactly happened to it and the future of all those 237 passengers who boarded onto the flight.

Almost 23-25 nations are taking part in the search operations and are searching every inch of ocean water in Southeast Asia. As time is sinking, many theories are being formulated and most of them divulge to a single conclusion that the plane was hijacked and was forced to crash in the sea.

Keeping aside such disheartening theories, Big Data Analytics is one such tool which is being used to try and locate the Boeing 777 which carried 237 passengers onboard. It is helping to analyze the content sourced from satellites in order to find the traces of the missing plane, which has been off radar since March 9th, 2014.

Data from the satellites is being transmitted into big data storage banks and corrections such as adjustment of color consistency and contrast are then being made. Then this data is being analyzed in such a way that objects such as spare parts of a flight, dead human bodies and other such parameter driven research analysis is being done.

It is reported that already big data analytics has been used to analyze data archived from more than 4.5 billion square kilometers of global coverage. It is also being reported that High powered data/photo analytics engines have identified around 421,338 photos taken from Indian Ocean and are further analyzing for any kind of encouraging results.

An online news resource added that this is for the first time that such a large scale data analysis is being conducted on ocean waters for a missing plane. The report added that in this research, several surprising revealing related to ocean waters were traced out by analytic engines. One such revealing is an underwater castle spread in 1.5 square Kilometers of area. It is buried in deep ocean waters close to Vietnam and South China.

In a couple of day’s time, a clear picture on what exactly happened to the Malaysian airlines Missing plane on March 9th, 2014 will be established by big data analysis.

Hope, something positive and encouraging turns up this time!

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