Windows 8 OS usage declines while Windows XP usage increases

Microsoft will surely get disappointed on viewing this news, as Net Applications says that the overall usage of Windows 8 decreased from May –June 2014, reversing the long standing trend of showing tiny increases. As per the fresh survey conducted by Net Applications, Windows 8/8.1 user based declined from 12.64 % to 12.54%. At the same time, Windows XP which is now a dead OS in the eyes of Microsoft witnessed a slight increase in its usage statistics i.e. from 25.27% to 26.06%.

The other popular operating system of Microsoft which is Windows 7 has continued its growth from 50.06% share in May 2014 to 50.87% in June 2014.

It is a known fact that Microsoft has ended support for XP on April 8th this year and has tried its best to convince XP users to shift their base to either Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 OSes as soon as possible. But unfortunately, user migration from XP to other Windows Flavors has been disappointing for Microsoft till date.

Moreover, as per the latest survey conducted by Bit Defender, an anti-virus software firm, 1 in 3 SMBs are still using Windows XP more than a couple of months after the support has expired. This clearly states that users are not yet ready to dump their much loved operating system and are thinking wisely on this aspect.

Additionally, with the media buzzing that Microsoft’s next operating system flavor which is Windows 9 is set for an early 2015 release, users are more interested in waiting for it, than migrating to the much jinxed Win8 or Win 7 OS whose support will end in July 2015.

As per a survey conducted by Forbes, Windows XP usage is till going strong in Asia, Australia and Middle East. It is estimated that around 34 million PCs are still running on Windows XP and most of the share is being contributed by PCs operating in Bank ATMs and homes of India, China and Australia.

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