Microsoft OneDrive users can now upload 10GB files to cloud


Microsoft made it official that its OneDrive users can now upload files with 10GB size limit to the cloud. Earlier, Skydrive aka OneDrive users were given a limit of only 2GB file size sync limit. But now, the company has come up with this latest update which applies both to its consumer and business version users.

Microsoft added in its latest blog post that cloud storage user needs have changed a lot in the past few years. Now, the cloud storage users are more interested in not only the Cloud storage capacity available to them, but also desire to have a cloud which can sync up to 10 GB size files. For this reason, the Redmond Giant has updated its IP Storage platform with the latest change. This implies to users who chose to upload files up to 10 GB using the desktop apps for Windows and Mac, all of the mobile apps, and the OneDrive Website.

Note- In order to upload a 10GB file the user needs to have atleast a free space of 12GB on their cloud accounts and hope thee free space offering increases to either 50GB or atleast 25GB in coming days.

Microsoft’s improved syncing abilities and speed improvements will be rolled out worldwide by the end of this month for both Consumer OneDrive and Business One Drive users.

Moreover, the company also plans to introduce download and upload capabilities of the said cloud services on PCs and Macs in coming days. It will also make it easier for OneDrive users to share links straight from Windows Explorer from Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating systems. If this latest update goes live, the users will be able to right-click on item/items they want to share without the need to go to the website. A video demo of this feature will be presented by Microsoft in coming weeks. And it plans to extend this support to Windows 8.1 Operating users and Mac users in the future.

However, Microsoft did not update anything new on its upcoming Windows 9, but said that a surprising update related to the issue will be revealed soon.


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