DNF Security offers Ruggedized Mobile Video Surveillance systems!

DNF Security offers Ruggedized Mobile Surveillance systems are literally built to move. From planes to trains and automobiles; mobile surveillance systems are used in every form of mass public transportation. It is a market segment which will continue to grow over several areas. In this article which is supported by video content, we will take a look at the mobile surveillance systems, their applications and also the expected trance in the industry.

Mobile video recording systems have been along from sometime. They are being mostly used in buses, commuter rails, heavy rails, light rails and ferry boats. The basic objective behind the usage of these systems is that if you are transporting people, then you have the added responsibility of protecting them. One of the most reliable formats in doing so is to go for mobile video surveillance system, where a recording of events is maintained while in transit. This recording acts as video evidence and protects the commuters against any losses taking place while in journey.

The main reason to have a mobile video recording system is to safely manage incidents, support legal evidence, offer customer service, risk management, record vehicle routing and offer a visibility to operators.

Thus, these factors make the market growth for mobile video surveillance systems reach $1.5 billion in 2015 from just $860 million in 2010.

To know more click on the following video link


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