Solving top NVR and DVR implementation challenges!

DNF Security, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory helps in solving top NVR and DNR Implementation challenges. In most surveillance environments, the top concerns will be

  • Determining evaluation criteria
  • Project Design
  • Eliminating points of failure
  • Planning for the future

How to determine evaluation criteria- Obviously, camera selection will influence this factor a lot. First of all the evaluation must be done at the camera selection stage, where you have to make an analog or IP camera selection. If remote management services are required, then IP will come as a boon to cater to your surveillance needs. If you are looking for a solution in an economical way, then analog is the best. Then the decision will have to be on the camera count. Then type of cameras will be a factor to select where outdoor or indoor, PTZ, High resolution and PoE will be influencing your decision.

How to choose the right software- This decision will also show its impact on the overall budget. Therefore, before going for it, one needs to decide on whether the application will support the tools such wide camera support, centralized management of servers, video analytics, automation notifications and integration with other applications.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security video which will help solving top NVR/DVR implementation challenges

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