StoneFly Hyper Converged Storage Server advantages!

StoneFly, a pioneer in offering storage appliances has Hyper Converged Storage Servers systems in its product catalog. The company, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, offers unified storage and server appliances in one easy to manage appliance.  It helps in data sharing through its connection to several computers and network platforms. These storage servers can be used for backup, storage, disaster recovery and archiving.

StoneFly Hyper Converged Unified Storage and Servers (USS) provide high performance computing services with consistency, energy and cost efficiency. As soon as these storage servers arrive at your premises, StoneFly’s technical team will turn-up to set-up cable, rack and other components in your premises. These rack-optimized servers have in-built high end multi-core high performance technology completely suitable for clustering, virtualization and cloud computing.

Stonefly Unified Storage Servers are tucked with the flexibility of replacing the fixed hardware model of the past with on-demand resource allocation based on application needs.

Delta based Snapshots, synchronous replication and asynchronous replication are available as advanced features in these appliances.

With StoneFly USS, business continuity and disaster recovery features can also be achieved. Infact, USS can spin-up a virtual machine at Mirror or Remote. It can restore deleted/corrupted and infected files. StoneFly Unified Storage Servers recover 2,520 points-in-time and restore an entire appliance. Bare metal recovery of the primary appliance from mirror or remote appliances is possible.

StoneFly USS intelligence is powered by  StoneFusion Network Operating System which integrates with StoneFly’s Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine software to offer a virtual IP Storage software appliance that creates a virtual network storage appliance using the existing resources of your virtual server. You will no longer need a separate box for your storage. Create networked IP storage along with your server virtual machines, all on the same hardware platform. Increase productivity, simplify management, and reduce power and rack space requirements while using SCVM Virtual Storage Appliance with your existing hardware.

To know more click on StoneFly Hyper Converged USS or call 510.265.1616

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