Why use DNF Recycling services for E-Waste disposal?

E-waste disposal is becoming a serious threat due to raising health and environmental concerns. Therefore, recycling is not just about eliminating harmful effects; it’s also turning into a business proposition which any company can consider.

In general, Electronic Waste includes different materials such as damaged or unwanted electronic, electrical devices and components like computers, printers, monitors, mobile phones, batteries, televisions, and many others. Previously, all this e-waste material ended up in landfills, or was incinerated or either dumped into water bodies such as oceans.

Since, these options were not the best solutions; they raised serious health and environmental issues.

At this juncture, recycling e-waste turns into a better option as it not helps in saving the environment, but also helps in conserving natural resources, by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, water and air pollution that occurs while fabricating virgin materials.

In a recent survey taken up by EPA, it was revealed that over 3,500 US homes can avail electricity if one million laptops are recycled in a year.

Getting into some facts, an average PC contains many hazardous waste materials and it is extremely important to dispose such materials including plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, electronic boards in an accurate manner. Since computer recycling has become mandatory in most parts of the world, many big organizations today prefer appointing professionals who can efficiently deal with recycling heavy metal like lead in the circuit board.

DNF Recycling Services, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory involves in e-waste disposal program. It offers a one-stop solution for recycling your old equipment through hassle free 5 step process.

  1. DNF Recycling Services will arrange for pickup and transportation of the equipment to their office premises. Typically there is no fee associated with the pickup and removal of equipment. However, the distance of travel is currently limited to the state of California. If travelling is required outside of California, please call in advance at 510.962.5012  and ask for details.
  2. After picking up and transporting the discarded electronic equipment to their facility, a detailed inventor and assessment of the equipment is done and a report is generated and is provided to the related customer at no cost.
  3. Then each unit will carefully disassembled and parts will be sorted based upon their recyclable properties and whether or not they contain hazardous properties. This process is performed with full compliance from US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and clients.
  4. If the client provides hard disks and want the disposing process to be done in a responsible way, then DNF will erase the data from the drives using one of the three methods. The first method will be to write 0s and 1s to the drive which permanently erases traces of any data. The second method is drilling holes into the hard drive platters in such a manner that prevents further access to the platters. The third method involves sanding the platters using an industrial sandler. This is the most proven method to get the data out of the drives. All this is done for a nominal fee.
  5. The main highlight is that, DNF Recycling offers to its customers a credit for buying new components or electronics. However, the credit will depend on many factors lined-up in parallel with the benchmarks of DNF.

To know more details on what your e-waste can earn for you call 510.962.5012 or click on DNF Recycling web page.

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