South Australian police get $5.9 million to buy body worn security surveillance cameras

South Australian (SA) police will get $5.9 million to buy body worn security surveillance cameras. Up to 1000 frontline South Australian police officers will wear body mounted security cameras by mid 2019.

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis said SA police would receive funding for new technology and removable vehicle based tablets, as part of 2015-16 State budgets to be delivers on Thursday.

Tom said that $5.9 million will be spend over the next four years on the body worn video surveillance devices and a further $7.4 million over five years, to roll out tablets to replace fixed car computers.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Linda Williams said that the investment of new technology will boost efficiency within the force, as the newly procured tablets and body worn cameras will help in collecting video evidence from victims and crime sites. Also the evidence will also help police officers against allegations of misconduct and misbehavior.

Linda confirmed that all frontline police officers would be wearing the cameras by the end of the four year roll out and around 1000 tablets will be pressed into service to server the police officers.

Adding more to this, the South Australian police department is also interested in using in-car -surveillance kits, which will help in providing on-site live videos to the central monitoring stations via data carriers.

The State Government has also provided $4.1 million fund to SA police to be used to replace its human resource and payroll management system.


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