Gartner tells enterprises to deploy Windows 10 instead of Windows 8.1

Gartner, the world renowned American research and advisory firm has requested enterprise users to dump Windows 8.1 deployment plans and instead go for Windows 10. This advice was issued to all those business users who were planning to move to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or other previous OS versions of Microsoft

Gartner predicted that Windows 8.1 will suffer a similar fate to Windows Vista, whereby industry support died relatively quick.

The research firm is telling is clients to skip the deployment of Win 8.1 due to the fact that Windows 10 is superior in key areas for enterprises, including security, management and user experience. It also disclosed that Microsoft is trying its best to make large number of business-conducive apps for Windows 10 users by the end of 2016. So, going for the OS and dumping the deployment of Windows 8.1 makes sense in all facets.

Gartner predicts that enterprises will begin to move to Windows 10 as early as the last quarter of 2015, due to the pressure from third party software makers, who will quickly pivot from supporting Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

In the meantime, Microsoft has released another media update related to its Windows 8.1. The company revealed that all Windows 8 users have a little less than seven months time to move to Windows 8.1. Otherwise, the company is going to sever Win 8 users fro Microsoft’s Security update stream. The software giant disclosed that the 2012 OS will retire from support on Jan 12,2016 and after that month, users of Windows 8 will not see further security updates, including those for Internet Explorer 11(IE11), which is the operating systems much prestigious bundled browser.

So, all you Windows 8 users please upgrade your PC OS to Windows 8.1, the free 2013 edition available from the Windows Store, Microsoft’s App market.



  1. Great it took me over a year to migrate 600+ office machines from 7 to 8.1 enterprise.. Now I’ve got to do it all over again, thanks Microsoft. Should have stuck with 8.1 and just improved it.. could have just given it a new name that would have been enough. Another U turn from them, I’ve lost so much confidence in this company.

    • I understand the pain you have gone through in this transformation. But as per the latest available from our reliable sources, Windows 10 will be the last OS version to release and in future Microsoft will just improve the experience of its users, by adding more features to the new OS.

      Anyway, my advice is to wait till mid next year and then start planning for the migration. Also, go for a free upgrade. It will save you a lot.

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