Nanoform Sapphire Disk to preserve personal data for 1000 years!

Data Loss is often witnessed, when we store our memorabilia on CDs, USB pen drives and hard drives, as they have only a maximum life of 6-10 years. Cloud storage can be seen as an alternative, but has no answer when security and privacy turn as major concerns.  This is where Fahrenheit 2451 Nanoform Sapphire Disk helps in protecting your data for eternity and in style.

The Nanoform is an unalterable storage medium encapsulating miniature photos and texts on a stunning sapphire disk that resists fire, light water, acid and scratches. The resultant disk is a transparent disk which looks more like a medallion. The 2 inches and 4 inches disks will go sale from July 16, 2015 and supporters of the Fahrenheit 2451 project will get the unique opportunity to leave a message or their picture on “ La Nanoform”- a public 8 Nanoform, to be displayed at the Carnegie Mellon University Medium in this month end.

Developed by Grenoble CEA Leti Lab, this storage technology shrinks vital docs up to 30,000 times of their original surface and encapsulates them between two thin sapphire wafers using high-precision photolithography Technology, creating a unique and unalterable object.

What’s more amusing is that all the Nano-images on the disk are viewable anywhere, anytime, as any magnifying device (200x) is sufficient to access the data saved on the Nanoform.

Unlike, Hard drives and clouds, which require recurring subscription to keep data alive, Fahrenheit 2451 Nanoform is paid only once.

This technology is being developed by two French companies Xyalis and Arnano and the experiment and development phase on this technology is going on from the past 15 years. This form of storage is actually much preferable for archival applications like analog Micro-images or Nano images that must be preserved and read in future. To read the docs, a small optical microscope or a magnifying device is required.

The capacity of Nanoform sapphire disks is such that a 10,000 letter page at 150 dpi or 2700 650×850 pictures can be stored. It entirely depends on the type of document you choose to imprint and the resolution you are planning to store.

This form of storage has to decompose pictures in three different black and white pictures; each one is made up of one of the primary color pixels- red, blue and green. Thus, with image processing software, it is easy to achieve, as just by inserting the three pictures, the storage of an image is possible.

The most astonishing fact of this technology is that it not only can resist light, time, fire and water, but also can resist exposure to acids, rodents, cold and molten lava heat (wow).

Only time will tell how successful this media will prove in the storage market.

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