Advantages of DNF Security Fanless PCs

Fanless PCs are the latest craze in the computing world these days and that is due to the fact that they fetch a bouquet of benefits. In general, the primary function of a fan in a computer system is to cool down the internal components and keep the temperature stable inside the PC.

Whereas in case of a fanless computers, use of alterative cooling methods are generally employed. As a result, these machines are quieter during operation, use less energy and are often more compact than fan-based computers.

The advantages which are particularly important in business settings are lined up below-

Quite Operation

Fans are the loudest components in a computer casing. As they work faster, they get louder as the PCs components are put under more stress. Thus, by removing them results in a more silent PC operation. This has benefits in a wide range of working scenarios where low levels of noise are important.

Compact Size

Most of the fanless PC solutions offered these days are compact in size and so can be used as in-car video storage and video management solutions. With no need to leave air around the components for cooling purposes, they can be fitted more closely together, as long as overheating is avoided. These computers have the advantage of being able to fit in compact spaces and take up very little room. Fanless systems are often fitted underneath dashboards or mounted on walls to take advantage of their small size.

Energy Efficiency

fanless systems are typically built to be as an energy efficient as possible. With no fans to cool the components down, it is imperative that these components waste little power and generate little heat. A fanless system therefore draws less power than a full computer, reducing energy costs and minimizing the impact on the environment. In a company office filled with dozens or even hundreds of computers, this can result in substantial savings on energy costs. Thus, these fanless solutions are ideal to be used inside vehicles meant for commercial and home use.

Other advantages

Fanless Pcs are not only less noise emitters, but also due to their compact, sealed design, they are more robust too, making them more suitable for situations, where they may get knocked around or exposed to the elements like dust and moisture.

So, on an overall note, Fanless PCs excel in environments where dust and dirt predominate and are ideal for applications requiring silent operations. Whether, it can be in-vehicle monitoring of a school bus, a car, an MUV, Ship deck, Train engines or compartments or Flight cockpits; video surveillance systems driven by Fanless PCs are the ideal solutions to be used.

DNF Security which has been offering intelligent digital & hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations and scalable IP storage solutions from time to time and as per industry needs has come up with its own series of fanless PCs.

DNF Security Falcon NV Series of Fanless PCs utilize Intel i5 and i7 processor and support PoE ports for video surveillance applications. Moreover, Falcon NV series of Fanless PCs are compatible with leading Video Management Softwares prevailing in the market.

Getting deep into the specs, DNF Security Falcon NV Series of Fanless PCs are highly customizable as per the customer needs. You can get the PC with an i5 or i7 processor and with 8GB to 16GB memory. All fanless PCs offered in Falcon NV series have the ability to operate in 25 degrees C to 70 degrees C temperatures. They are shock resistant, dust proof, less heat generating machines running on Windows 7 64-bit Operating system.

Current  models offered Of Fanless PCs offerd By DNFSecurity 

DNF Security Falcon NV3120-i5


Fanless In-Vehicle PC is designed for in-vehicle apps and is loaded with an i5 processor of Intel and an 8GB system memory. It offers ignition control with user selectable on/off delay and is available with two Gigabit Ethernet Ports for network communications.

DNF Security Falcon NV3100VTC


Fanless in-vehicle PC with built in PoE is loaded with a high powered Intel Core i7 Processor and an 8GB RAM. It has one hot swappable 2.5 inches hard drive tray.

DNF Security Falcon NV4022-i5 Fanless PC


is in small form factor and is ideal to be used in SUVs and MUVs. This PC has enterprise class hard drives to offer extra ordinary computing power and requires small footprint.

DNF Security Falcon NV4022-i7


Fanless PC has powerful hardware components such as Intel 3rd Gen i5/i7 processor and a high speed DDR3 RAM.

Since, many people and companies rely on public transportations such as buses and trains, it’s really crucial to maintain regularities and ensure security in these environments. Therefore, by integrating these mission critical environments with DNF Security Falcon NV Series of Fanless PCs increases safety and reliability of the whole transportation systems. All appliances in Falcon NV series are competitively priced and are rugged enough to be used in transport related video surveillance applications.

For more product information, please contact DNF Security Falcon Fanless PCs or call 510.265.1122


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