Samsung reveals worlds first 16TB SSD!

Samsung has once again proved that it is a leader in delivering innovative technology to the world by revealing world’s first 16TB Solid state drive. Samsung’s 16TB SSD was unveiled at Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara- California this week.

The premier flash storage event showcased Samsung’s SSD with 16TB capacity based on vertical NAND flash technology. Samsung claims that its 15.36TB (16TB) SSD will have 1,000,000 IOPS and is ideal to be used for data storage vendors who are looking to offer data storage appliances beyond 1PB capacity.

Technically speaking, in order to increase capacity, Flash media manufactures have no option other than to go vertical and Samsung has made a 6 to 12 month lead over competitors like Toshiba and Intel/Micron in this segment.

In early 2014, Samsung promised that it will come up with a largest capacity SSD by 2016 and as said, it has kept its word. Currently only 6TB SSDs are available commercially in the market.

Samsung plans to make its 16TB SSD commercial available by mid 2016 and has plans to keep the price at $4,000 likely.



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