Dynamic Network Factory emphasizes on importance of data security!

Data Security of your company and your customers is vital to any business success. Especially in this technology driven world, identification of data thefts becomes highly essential, irrespective of the size of the business. But unfortunately most small companies are ill-prepared and equipped to handle the heavy weight of the responsibility they have for this data.

Thanks to the electronic media, companies nowadays are learning to know how important it is to secure their data storage. But most companies, due to reasons best known to them, still lack a good storage plan or resources in place.

In terms of basic sense, securing data means understand which pieces of info need protection and enacting proper procedures and safeguards to keep that data safe. If you ignore data security in your enterprise environment, then you are simply putting your company reputation at stake. And remember rebounding can be costly and the threats are only increasing.

For instance, in December 2013, a large retailer ‘Target’ experienced the second largest data breach in history. And now, despite offerings to try and earn backup customer trust, traffic at Target stores is still less than normal.

What’s more agonizing to the said company is that individuals and banks are pursuing the retailer for losses related to the security breach. The final payouts may reach astounding amounts, but the retailer will likely recover with the help of big financial and marketing experts.

Small businesses typically have smaller budgets and less support to recover from damages related to a data breach.

In the old days i.e. prior to 2000, data security was a lot simpler because there were only a few access points that data criminals could penetrate. The emergence of the Internet, mobile devices in the workplaces, and cloud computing services have afforded data criminals with an increased arsenal of attacks.

The most common threats today include the interception of data, unauthorized access to data that is stored on hardware or flowing within networks, and theft of hardware or media.

So, what could be done now?

There are some precautionary measures which could lessen your risk of a data breach and they are-

  • Act now- It is a foolish approach to wait until a data security breach occurs in order to develop a data security plan. Going with a proactive approach makes complete sense, and shows others concerned that you have made an attempt to secure data that your enterprise manages.
  • Determine what level of data security is appropriate for your business- Honestly speaking; there is no one-size fits all approach in data security. A better strategy is to determine the best data security model for your business, and work towards a building the best possible defense.
  • Training program is essential- Here’ the point to notify is that the responsibility of data security falls on the shoulders of many, not just the owners, IT team or the head of the organization. Therefore, creating a culture of data security in your organizations is high essential. Employees need to realize the importance of the threats and so must do their part in preventing or avoiding them. Here, compliance will be an obligation.

If you have no idea on how to deal with data security then Dynamic Network Factory can work with your IT teams to evaluate the existing encryption strategy and policies. This process will start with getting detailed asset information on your enterprise hardware and software environment, sensitive data, and current security policy management sets. In combination with your corporate objectives, DNF Corp team will determine the business objectives for encrypting data-at-rest.

From the derived objectives, DNF will derive a plan and proposal to address the policies, architecture, and scope of the project to keep you enterprise protected to the fullest.

For more details call 510 265 1616 or click on DNF Data Security


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