Calgary police body worn cameras generate 1TB of video in 14 days!

Video surveillance data storage needs are increasing and the best example of it is here. Each Calgary police officer’s body worn cameras now generate around 2.3GB per hour of video footage, or 18.4GB per shift.

So, it will take only 4 hours a day for about a year for an officer to generate 1TB of data from their respective body worn cameras. Or else, it would only take 12 officers 14 days to generate such massive amounts of data, if they work full shift.

What’s also noteworthy is retention policy of these videos, which for the CPF can range from a minimum of 13 months for all videos files up to 40 years if terrorism was involved.

Currently, the police organization is depending on a data storage company which placed video data initially on disc based primary storage for a while and moves it automatically to archived tape storage and eventually to the cloud depending on client needs.

Video storage needs are truly increasing and this can stand as a best example to prove it.




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