Lyon County Jail video surveillance upgrade from Analog to IP with $75000 budget!

Lyon County’s Jail commissioner has approved the first step to upgrade the jail’s video surveillance system last week. The goal is to switch from analog to IP with $75,000 grant.

According to reports, the jail surveillance was upgraded in 2008, while the oldest was in from 2006 when the courthouse was built. From then on, several cameras were replaced at choke points on annual basis.

Now, the Lyon County Jail commissioner wants to migrate from Analog to IP and wants the upgraded system to be highly scalable and within budget.

Recently, in this month, Commissioners approved allowing the jail to spend $14,700 to get designs for the security surveillance system, along with electrical engineering and other hardware as well as software works.

A $75,000 upgrade grant has been approved in this regards and the migration project from analog to IP will be taken up in between 2016- 2017. The Jail authorities are expecting the new upgrade to last anywhere from 15-20 years.

Undersheriff John Koelsch and Jail director Brian Antsey said that the numbers in the jail are fluctuating, and the amount of cases related to mental health are increasing at an astonishing rate.

The jail authorities feel that a certain section of inmates, holding special law sentences should be constantly monitored on 24/7 basis. So, the authorities are assigning two officers on round the clock basis. But since, the numbers of inmates who are mentally ill are increasing; regular manual monitoring is not working out in practical.

Moreover, after an investigation made on the increasing number of mentally ill cases in the jail, Lyon County judicial head said that they needed more authentic evidence on the jail facility’s administration and so ordered for video surveillance upgrade.

Lyon County Jail is also looking to rehabilitate all the mentally ill inmates, in specialized incubation cells in future and so as a first step is intending to upgrade its security surveillance setup in the next couple of years.

More details are awaited!

Click on the following link to know more on Analog to IP migration advantages


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