Seagate forces Lacie to shut down its cloud storage Wuala!

Seagate Technology has asked Lacie to shit down its cloud storage service named Wuala November this year. The former has asked latter to discontinue cloud storage service of Wuala in order to focus attention on key areas of business that which offer scope of growth and bring in revenue.

Caleido launched Wuala cloud storage service in the year 2008 and the following year merged it with Lacie which was picking up as an external disk and small NAS vendor in data storage market. Seagate acquired Lacie in 2012, but was left largely on its own from then on.

Seagate has urged Wuala cloud customers to stop worrying and instead look for alternatives such external storage devices or other free cloud alternatives as Google Drive for their data uploads.

Lacie has announced that uploads wont be possible after September 30th, 2015 and come November 15th, all data stored on the Waula cloud will be deleted.

So, hurry up guys!



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