Western Digital offers 6TB black hard drives!

Western Digital has announced a new black 6TB hard drive which can be used as low cots hard drives replacing its blue drives range available in smaller capacities. Though, the price of these black drives is way too high than the blue ones, gradually, the company intends to lower the cost of these drives in near future.

Western Digital Black 6TB hard drives have larger cache, ranging from 64MB to 128MB and are 3.5 inches in dimension working with 7,200 RPM. These drives have integrated dual core processor, a SATA 6GB/s interface and dual stage actuator technology, used to achieve accurate positioning on data tracks with a pitch of less than 100nm.

WD’s black 6TB drives are 29% faster than the black 4TB version in maximum data throughput.

The latest black 6TB drives from WD are tucked with StableTrac Technology is used to secure the motor shaft, which increases reliability and reduces impact from vibrations of other components inside your computer. These drives are also enriched with Dynamic Cache Technology which increases performance by improving caching algorithms.

Western Digital Black 6TB drives price is $294 and are readily available on Amazon.



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