Linux foundation to promote Cloud object storage technology!

Linux foundation is in a spree to extensively promote open source software and standards for cloud object storage technology with the help of 13 tech companies. The new Kinetic Open Source project has already received great support from Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, NetApp, Red Hat, Huawei, Dell, Cleversafe and Cisco which are touted as founding members of this storage tech.

The main focus of Cloud based object storage will be to promote Ethernet based storage technology with open source software and standards to address the fast adoption of cloud, virtualization and object based storage.

The main principle of Kinetic Open Storage Project is to allow industry leaders to address new challenges head on and support rapid growth through a community developed protocol specification and libraries.

Object based storage addresses a world of unstructured data where images, movies, e-commerce games and archives are all searchable with the help of metadata. In the new definition, information is stored, read and deleted but never modified.

What is unstructured data? Unstructured data is nothing but the data that refers to information that doesn’t reside in a traditional row-column database. And, it is quite opposite to structured data where data is stored in fields in a database. Examples of unstructured data are email messages, word docs, videos, photos, audio files, presentations, webpages and others.

The Kinetic open storage architecture is inspired by the scale-out data center in which Ethernet and Linux are universal and open source software reduces barriers and hardware become more commoditized.

Software-defined, object-based storage has been fast encroaching on the traditional paradigm of hardware-centric, file-based systems. In this trend, hard drives and SSDs get their own IP-addresses.

Ethernet based storage, like the hard drives with IP addresses offered by Seagate last year, eliminate the need for storage servers, allowing applications to directly access drives.

Seagate’s Kinetic HDDs operate using the Swift OpenStack Object Storage protocol. The company is quite positive that these drives will become the future of storage industry. And because Ethernet has become the de facto fabric of data centers and application traffic, it has emerged as the backbone of storage infrastructure.

Hope, it succeeds in making these drives the future of data center infrastructure!


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