Google Cloud Storage now entertains offline import and export service!

Google Cloud Storage is now entertaining offline import and export service by allowing third party providers to upload data to the platform on behalf of an enterprise. This is to facilitate businesses which have too much data and too little time to get their business data all into the cloud.

Factually speaking, this service was launched in 2013 and at that time businesses were allowed to use the feature to backup up their hard drives into Google Cloud Storage. Now, this service has been expanded and allows enterprises to physically mail all types of data storage devices like HDDs, tapes, and USB drives

Presently, Google has handed over this service in North American region to Iron Mountain which is one of its partners. The provider will then upload the files into Google Cloud Storage services-standard DRA or the low cost tape propelled Nearline.

Google is also inviting more partners to join its ‘Offline Media Import/Export’ service in coming days. The company which opts for this service can customize the service with their choice, after the delivery of the media. The third party provider will send back the devices to businesses; store them securely in a vault or destroy them based on service user’s instruction.

So, companies which have bandwidth issues within their organization and need to share it with different applications can use this smart service to enrich their backup and disaster recovery plans. For instance, Google says it would take more than 100 days to upload a terabyte of data. By shipping storage devices and having someone perform the upload, data can be in the cloud in just a few days, and saves businesses months of work and the expense of purchasing faster Internet speeds.

Note- Google has specifically specified in its media disclosure that its Offline Media Import/Export is strictly a third-party feature. That means Google is not responsible for the service, nor does it offer it directly.

Businesses can either use one of Google’s partners or find a participating provider of their own.


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