Hydrogen powered Apple iPhone to release water vapor in future!

Apple is said to be secretly working on a prototype these days that will allow the iPhone device to go a week without recharging. A British company is thought to be working closely with the electronics giant to create a hydrogen fuel cell powered Apple iPhone that allows the device to run for 10 days on a single recharge.

Intelligent Energy, a British company has created a iPhone 6 prototype that looks no different from any other Apple iPhone except for tiny vents in the rear that allow undetectable amounts of water vapor to escape. The prototype will contain both a rechargeable battery along with a hydrogen fuel cell.

Hydrogen fuel cells generate energy by combining hydrogen and oxygen and water vapor will be the only emission in this process.

The working-Fuel cells supply hydrogen to a negative anode (an electrode through which electrical current flows), releasing electrons. The electrons then flow to a positive cathode (another electrode) to generate electricity. In addition, after releasing electrons, the hydrogen becomes a hydrogen ion moving to positive cathode and bonding with oxygen in the air, forming water.

The prototype needs a large set of development still and can be commercially available in the market only after two years. There is also a possibility that the same model will be used to power up iPhones in future.

Intelligent Energy has successfully produced more than 2K patents related to fuel cells, which it has used to create batteries for cars and portable rechargers called the UPP.

The UPP is a hydrogen powered cells that charges any USB compatible mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, portable gaming consoles and digital cameras. It lasts for 9 years and then you can exchange it for a new one.


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