Can 4K video surveillance boost safety and security in hospitals?

Hospitals located all over the world are faced with a number of security challenges. This includes ensuring the safety of patients and staff to preventing theft, with the added complication of very limited budgets for security.

At this point video surveillance solutions turn critical in case of hospital security, particularly in high-risk areas such as maternity wards, pharmacies and parking lots.

This is where 4K video surveillance or implementation of Ultra High Definition surveillance systems can assist hospitals in ensuring effective monitoring in essential areas, while improving cost effectiveness, reducing management as well as maintenance fees and improving overall safety & security.

One of the most significant security challenges in hospitals located in developing nations like Africa and India are their layout. The facilities are usually large and sprawling, with many different floors and areas linked by corridors. Also large hallways and reception areas always teamed with patients and visitors is also a concern in security point of view.

Since, Hospitals operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, there is no downtime and as such, security solutions must be constantly operational. People are constantly moving in and out of the various areas, from doctors and patients to visitors, deliveries, maintenance and cleaning staff and more, creating a complex and constantly busy environment.

As cases on baby snatching and drug robbery from stores are increasing, security has to be tightened from all corners to keep these activities under check.

While the need for security, particularly in surveillance POV, is clear, hospitals often have very limited budgets for security. Centralized onsite monitoring is essential, as a rapid response to any situation is critical. In addition, surveillance needs to be scalable, able to integrate with existing security technologies, and should also allow for integration with solutions such as access control to deliver enhanced security.

With cameras covering high risk areas to identify the perpetrators, preventing theft will be a simple task to cover. Within maternity wards, surveillance cameras can be linked to access control to verify that only authorized persons are allowed into the facility where babies are kept.

Both the said areas can benefit from the implementation of 4K cameras, which provide significantly increased video resolution. This enables people viewing the footage to zoom in with excellent quality and clarity and identify more accurately.

The high resolution 4K cameras can also turn highly helpful in parking lots and reception areas, as a single camera is able to cover a wide area with great levels of detail. One 4K camera can cover the same area which is being covered by 5 HD surveillance cameras. Thus, this will dramatically improve cost effectiveness by reducing maintenance and TCO.

Moreover, a single 4K camera enriched with intelligence, can also scale footage even if low bandwidth is available, further improving the cost of running the solution.

Finally, we can come to a conclusion that hospitals are an essential service to all communities, but are also prone to a large variant of security threats like theft of drugs and equipment to kidnapping, to incidents of doctors and staff being attacked.

Ultra high-definition 4K surveillance cameras are a cost effective solution to help hospitals bolster security without breaking the budget, ensuring that patients, staff and visitors are as safe as possible.

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