NSA data center to turn into a constitutional center?

National Security Agency of United States is in the news from the past two years for spying on American populace as well as most important persons of the world. However, the American Populace have raised their voices against such practices and termed them as unconstitutional, especially when Edward Snowden made some astonishing details public in July 2013.

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been one of the few local critics of the US government’s spying programs. And now, he’s the only presidential candidate who has made the NSA spying a central topic of his campaign. Infact, Paul went ahead to say that he will convert whole of UTAH based NSA’s data center into a constitutional center where the fourth amendment will be studied.

In one of his media interactions, Rand Raul admitted that NSA spying was against constitution rights of American populace and so promised to shut down the data center of NSA along with all its operations, if he becomes the president. This clearly indicates that Rand Paul will introduce a bill, as soon as he gets the presidential powers in the next elections which will completely nullify NSA’s internet surveillance operations and its effects.



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