Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to be spied by Microsoft!

Windows 10 feature of keeping a track of user activity and experience will soon be introduced to all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 operating system users by this month end. Microsoft is planning to roll out a new update which is all set to invade your privacy to a large extent.

Under the name of “Update for customer experience and diagnostic telemetry”, Microsoft will soon release for KB updates.

KB 3068708- This is an update which is termed as “Recommended” by Microsoft in the updates page. This update will introduce the Diagnostics and Telemetry tracking service to existing devices. Through this update Microsoft will keep a tab on diagnostics issues related to functions on systems and is all a part of its Customer Experience Improvement Program. It is with this update, that Microsoft will keep a track of all your activities on your system and will also spy on the apps a user uses; the purpose of the use and all such stuff.

KB 3022345- Not much is known about this update presently. But it previously used to provide the same telemetry tracking services. So, if you are going for a clean up to remove all traces of telemetry tracking, you should also erase this update.

KB 3075249-With this update, Microsoft will be adding telemetry points to the User Account Control (UAC) to collect information on elevations that come from low integrity levels. What this appears to mean is that MS wants more information about the kinds of applications that trigger UAC in the first place, presumably because it wants to know what they do and why they need that access. However, this update is an optional download.

KB 3080149- This update offers essential updates to the diagnostics and telemetry tracking services which are on existing on devices. This service provides benefits from the latest version of Windows to systems that have not yet upgraded. The update also supports applications that are subscribed to Visual Studio Application Insights. It is an optional upgrade.

Now, to those who have set their “Windows Update” status as ‘Automatic’ all these updates will flow into the systems easily and may be without their knowledge. So, better customize your update settings as soon as possible.


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