World’s largest digital camera to generate 6 million gigabytes of data every year!

The US Department of Energy has approved to build the construction of a 3.2 Gigapixel digital camera that will help collect 6 million gigabytes of data every year. This data will infact be used to help scientists better understand the universe.

This largest digital camera in the world will serve as eyes to another Large Synoptic Survey Telescope which will begin in 2022, and will start photographing the southern sky at night from a mountain in Chile. The said telescope will generate over million objects of data per day, when it becomes fully operational in the said year of 2022.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest digital camera will weigh around 3 tons and be the size of a small car. Data gathered from these camera will aid scientists research how the galaxy was formed, view exploding stars and better understand dark matter and dark energy, which comprise a majority of the Universe, among other uses.

The images taken by the camera will be of super-high resolution and will take atleast 1500 HD televisions just to view one of them. One shot taken with the camera will record a section of sky, which will be 40 times the size of the moon. Moreover, the camera which is said to be built in a span of next 4 years will have a mechanism for changing its filter. Different filters will allow the camera to capture different wavelengths, ranging from near-ultraviolet to near-infrared. It will generate around 6 million gigabytes of digital images per year.

Work to procure the camera hardware components such as sensors and other related issues related to contract are already under progress.



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