US wants power to access any data from any data center in the world!

United States National Security Agency in the name of national security is spying on American Populace from the past six years or so and this was leaked out by Edward Snowden, a former employee of NSA in 2013.

So, as soon as the news that internet activity carried out by each American individual was being monitored by NSA, spread like wild fire, the American populace who were concerned about privacy soon started to use web services of companies which were conducting business from outside United States. They took this step due to the fact that US Internet surveillance laws were restricted to US soil.

Cloud storage was one of the worst hit services due to NSA’s Prism surveillance (internet surveillance) on American populace. Many big companies offering such services like Amazon, Google Microsoft started to host their user data on user demand outside United States in order to avoid any kind of data request pressures from NSA in the name of national security.

But now, things are going to change in coming years, as the American NSA wants its hands on the data hosted by these companies on foreign soil as well. If the companies oppose its decision to hand over the user data, then they may face a complete ban on their business conducted in United States.

Opposing this rule, Microsoft is heading back to court this week in its longstanding effort to fight a US Department of Justice search warrant seeking access to a crime suspect’s digital documents stored on a server in Ireland.

The company, on the losing side of two lower court decisions, including one from mid-2014, will argue its case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Wednesday.

Microsoft and its allies have argued that the DOJ didn’t have the authority to seek the December 2013 search warrant, related to a New York criminal case, because the suspect’s data resides in the company’s Dublin data center. If the DOJ insists its search warrants extend to overseas data, the agency will expose U.S. citizens’ data to searches by other governments, Microsoft has argued.

On the other hand, United States National Security Agency supports its spying activities and says that by monitoring the internet and telephonic activity of American populace, it has succeeded in cutting down crime rate such as terrorist attacks, cyber crime and other such issues in the whole world.

Moreover, it is in a plan to form an organization which supports government spying on its populace and has hinted that already countries like England, India, Australia, and Africa are coming in support of this theory.

As soon as US forms a world supporting organization, all countries that are in favor of its internet surveillance will join hands and start implementing the same in their region. After they start monitoring on their populace and collect data, the data will be exchanged to stop crime in and from any part of the world.

US NSA feels that that worldwide jurisdiction to the world’s servers is critical because electronic communications are used extensively by criminals of all types in the United States and abroad, from fraudsters to hackers to drug dealers, in furtherance of violations of US law.

As per our blog sources, the exchange of data related to internet activity and telephonic conversations of the populace of different nations is already undergoing from the past couple of years.

Now, America is all set to take the initiative to make this surveillance appear as a valid act to the world.

So, in the name of national and world security, the federal nation will soon start an organization, similar to ICAN (International Campaign to abolish nuclear weapons) which will bring nations under one roof to exchange and cooperate with needed services in order to abolish crime or atleast bring down the crime rate.

Whereas, Microsoft will opposing this future move of NSA in the court by gathering the support from about two dozen other tech companies, including Amazon, Apple, AT&T, EBay and such; as it feels that this move of handing over their respective user data to NSA will breach the factors of trust and privacy to full extent.

Wonder, who will win this battle finally, where both look as honest in their respective arguments.


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