Reasons to select a Hybrid Storage array or an All Flash array!

Hybrid Storage arrays, in general, are the ones which have a mix of SSDs and hard drives in their storage chassis. By adding a thin slice of flash storage to an array- may 2% to 5% of total capacity, available IOPS may double and reduced read latency from 10+ milliseconds down to 3 milliseconds or so. And by having a slicing of expensive flash, an overall 10% to 20% increase in array price to yield a 2X performance gain adds a lot bang to the overall investment.

In an All-Flash array, all the available media is populated with SSDs. Thus, a solid state drive populated array can deliver sub millisecond read latency with a guaranteed quality of service. In this arrangement, there are no pre-fetch issues with flash and no variability between a cached read and a seek because all flash I/Os are effectively cache reads. By deploying an All-Flash, an improvement from 10Ms to 5ms and then down to 0.5ms is gained and thus a 20X performance gain is obtainable from HDD to all-flash on a latency basis.

Now, coming to reasons to select hybrid or all flash arrays


Hybrid Storage Array

All-Flash Array

This storage is apt in environments where cost optimized storage is a priority This storage is apt in environments where performance is top priority
Hybrid storage fits mainly in environments where unpredictable workloads are foreseen All-Flash storage array fits into enterprise environments where sub-millisecond latency is required—such as financial sector
This storage fits into environments where variable latency isn’t a problem All Flash fits into environments where performance optimized storage is a priority
This storage fits into the area where budget doesn’t permit all-flash implementations, bit more performance is needed An all-flash array consolidated sparsely populated, high performance Hard disks to get lower TCO

Well, as Flash memory costs are coming down, the price of all-flash arrays is also tumbling down. However, not all enterprises are interested in upgrading their storage environments with these arrays. Only those who require performance at the utmost are emphasizing on draping this technology.

Coming to Hybrid storage, small to medium scale environments are showing much interest in going for hybrid storage arrays, as they get the flexibility of putting performance grade applications on SSDs and other apps on Hard disk accessibility scale with the help of tiered storage.

StoneFly, Inc. offers a mix up of SSD and SAS drives in all its storage products. Thus, by offering such flexibility, any enterprise, irrespective of its size and business vertical can get the benefits of Flash and HDD on a simultaneous note offering enhanced performance, redundancy, scalability, and availability. To minimize the cost outlays of flash storage, StoneFly hybrid storage appliances are designed to support StoneFly’s latest built-in optimized data deduplication technologies for increased storage efficiency. StoneFly’s data deduplication capability driven by its patented StoneFusion Operating network system allows users to fit 5X to 35X more data within the same storage footprint without reducing overall performance.

So, if you need a Hybrid Storage call 510.265.1616 or click on Contact us page in order to receive a call from the company’s sales team.


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