Server Virtualization key aspects which are often ignored

Server Virtualization is helping businesses to provide their customers with the best ever services and products. At the same time, it has also turned into one of the most important aspects of cloud computing, where a virtual environment is created with the help of components like storage devices, operating systems, network resources and of course software meant for virtualization.

While the benefits of virtualizing the server are pretty obvious, there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind, as well. The foremost is to implement the process effectively. And the next is to know how much beneficial will this technology prove to your business.

Thus, it proves worthy to consider certain questions before investing in a particular technology. So, here are few key questions that must be addressed before you opt for sever virtualization

Which can prove as the most suitable platform?

There are several server virtualization platforms, available in the market. Therefore it is your responsibility to check out the different options and understand which can be the most suitable solution for your business. Better to make a tab of pros and cons of each different platform. Check out the features and then decide on the most relevant solution for your business.

What is the accommodation capacity of each host?

Most often data center admins overload the host servers while virtualizing. This can prove fatal for the entire infrastructure. This is due to the fact that if an admin exceeds the capacity of host servers, they might fail to function optimally. That is why, its crucial to do the capacity planning well in advance, since, it helps you determine how many machines can be accommodated on a single host server. And it’s a known fact that each guest machine varies in nature, and so you must have a clear idea regarding where exactly you want to place the machines. This should be done right when you begin with the capacity planning process.

Then what about the leftover server hardware?

Once an enterprise opts for server virtualization, it’s quite obvious that there will be many unused servers left in your organization. So, you need to think it in advance on what you will do with the leftover servers. Considering repurposing the old servers as virtualization hosts will be a good option. But if your enterprise used to use 10-15 servers before virtualization project and is now just using 2-3 after the project implementation, using all the other leftovers as repurposing hardware is almost impossible. But remember old hardware can break down at any point in time. Therefore, handing them over to a responsible e-waste recycler will be a wise thought.



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