What did Google achieve in 18 years of its survival!

Google, popularly known as web services giant was launched on September 15th, 1997 by Larry and Sergey. Infact, this internet juggernaut was introduced as “Google.com domain” to the world. The name was based on the word “Googol”- a mathematical term used for the representation of numbers from 1 followed by 100 zeroes, which accounts to infinite. Google was skinned from the mathematical term Googol indicating that it will provide infinite amount of information on the web.

In September 2001, Google launched the service Google Images, which allows users to search for image content based on the keywords such as the image filename or the link pointing to the text and text adjacent to the image.

The following year, almost at the same time, Google news was offered as a free service. It was provided, operated and updated by the Google based on the source of thousands of publications. Actually, it was a beta version which hit the web in September 2002, while the official launch took place in January 2006 with a lot of changes to the earlier versions.

On April 1st, 2004, Gmail was offered as a free email service based and started to propel on user invitations. Now, it has more than 426 million users using its email database.

Google Maps was launched on Feb 2005, and just a couple of months ahead, the company decided to add satellite views and directions to the product. Now, this service has been updated a million times with lots of new and innovative features such as Google Street map, pictured and circulated by Google Street View cars.

Google Earth- This services launched in June 2005 made people take a virtual journey to any location in USA and now the whole world. Since, the launch, this app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

On November 2007, Google announced its first Android OS- an open source operating systems to run mobile devices. Now, the latest from Google in this segment is Marshmallows, which will hit the market on an official note in mid 2016.

In Sept 2008, G1- the very first android based smart phone was released by Google in United States. It was a HTC phone using Linux based Android OS of Google.

On September 02, 2008 Google Chrome was introduced to the web browser world. It was actually first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2,2008 and as a stable public release on December 11,2008.

Google’s Nexus One was launched into the mobile market in January 2010. It was the first android smart phone designed and manufactured by HTC and had the highlight of transcribing voice into text commands. Now, this feature is available on all versions of Android OS loaded phones.

In June 2011, Google launched its Google+ social networking service on par with Facebook and Twitter. Though, it promoted this service to a large extent, it couldn’t get a slice of social networking user share which was pre-occupied by Facebook and twitter.

Google Drive was launched in April 2012 where users can create, share, collaborate and keep files including videos, photos, Google docs and PDF files.

In June 2015, Google launched its Google Photos services where users can store unlimited amount of Photos and videos on this platform.

Here’s an interesting service launched by Google on June 2012 and was named as Google Now. This service brought about information required by users, before they could even ask, like what today’s weather will be like, how much traffic to expect on your way to work or your favorite team’s score while they’re playing.

In June 2013, Google launched its Project Loon service through which it was offering internet connectivity to rural, remote and underserved areas. This service was also utilized by many nations as a crisis response communications.

Wishing Google our best, let’s hope that in the next couple of years it achieves the best in the world.

Is 20 year old Yahoo listening………………………….?


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